Bloody Beast

Bloody Brothers

Deadly Target
...aka "The Penal Reconnaissance"

Emperor Of The Underworld
...aka "An Emperor Of Underworld"
...aka "Amheugga-ui Hwangje"

Human Resignation
...aka "To Write A Letter Of Human Resignation"

Love on Delivery

Midnight Man

Once Upon A Time In China V
...aka "Once Upon A Time in China 5"

Taekwon Fighters
...aka "Taegwon pa-iteo(fighter)"

The Crucifixion

Two Shaolin Kids In Hong Kong
...aka "The Shaolin Kids in Hong Kong"


21 Red List
...aka "21 Red Treaty"

Beheaded 1000

Best Of The Best 3

Bloody Mafia
...aka "Red Mafia"
...aka "Bulg-eun mapi-a(mafia)"

Circus Kids
...aka "Lucky Star Dragon"


Deadful Melody

Drunken Eagle

Drunken Master 2

Drunken Master 3

Enter The Shootfighter

Expect No Mercy


First Strike
...aka "Police Story 4"

Fist Of Legend

Kickboxer 4:Agrresor

Kickboxer 5:Redemption

Lion Strike
...aka "Ring of Fire 3"

New Legend Of Shaolin

New One-Armed Swordsman 94
...aka "What Price Survival?"

Next Karate Kid

One Arm Hero
...aka "Sam The Iron Bridge 3: One Arm Hero"

Operation Golden Phoenix

Return To A Better Tomorrow

Rumble In The Bronx

Snake Fist

Street Fighter

The Deadly Island

The South Shaolin Master Part II


Top Fighter

Unknown 032
...aka "Flying Centipede"