All Men Are Brothers
...aka "Blood Of The Leopard"
...aka "All Men Are Brothers--Blood Of The Leopard"

American Chinatown
...aka "Chinatown 2"
...aka "Cha-inata-un(China town) 2"

Angel's Project

Bare-Footed Kid
...aka "Young Hero"

Black Panther Warriors
...aka "Warriors: The Black Panther"

Blade Of Fury

Blood Warriors

Body Lover

Bogus Cops

Bunman – The Untold Story

Burning Paradise
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 6"

Cinema Of Vengeance

City on Fire

Death Triangle
...aka "A Serious Shock! Yes Madam!"
...aka "Yes Madam '92: A Serious Shock"

Guns Of Dragon
...aka "American Dragon"

Iron Monkey
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 5"

King Swindler
...aka "King of Schemers"

Secret Signs

The Assassin

The Avenging Quartet

The Black Panther Warriors
...aka "Warriors: The Black Panther"

The Bride With White Hair

The Bride With White Hair 2
...aka "The White-Haired Swordswoman II"

The Eight Hilarious Gods
...aka "8 Hilarious Gods"

The Fighting King

The Magic Sword

Three Nameless Warriors
...aka "3 Un-named Knight Errants"

Unknown 020
...aka "Bolt"

Unknown 125
...aka "Seven Maidens"


Angel Of Vengeance
...aka "Angle Of Vengeance"

Angel Terminators 2

Angel The Kickboxer

Beauty Investigator

Beyond Fear

Beyond the Cop Line
...aka "Beyond the Copline"

Bloody Mary Killer

Bruce Lee The Biography (A&E Bio)

Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Master

Catman in Boxer's Blow
...aka "U.S. Catman 2: Boxer Blow"

Clans Of Intrigue

Crime Story

Curse Of The Dragon

Death Match

Dragon The Bruce Lee Story

Fist From Shaolin

Fist Of Justice
...aka "Ballistic"

Fong Sai Yuk
...aka "Legend"
...aka "Legend of Fong Sai Yuk"

Fong Sai Yuk 2
...aka "Legend of Fong Sai Yuk 2"

Guardian Angel
...aka "Beyond Justice"

Guyver:Dark Hero

Hard Target

Heroic Trio

Hidden Hero

Irresistible Force

Kung Fu Cult Master
...aka "Evil Cult"

Last Hero In China
...aka "Iron Rooster Vs. The Centipede"

Little Ninja Dragon
...aka "Ninja Dragon"
...aka "Magic Kid"

Live By The Fist

Ninja In Ancient China

Nowhere To Run

Only The Strong

Red Sun Rising

Rendezvous of Japanese Kanto

Shadow Cop

Tai Chi Master
...aka "Twin Warriors"

Taxi Hunter

Tc 2000

The Buddhist Spell

The Way of the Lady Boxers
...aka "Madam the Great"
...aka "Angel Kickboxers"

Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles
...aka "13 Cold Blooded Eagles"

Whore & Policewoman
...aka "Whore and Policewoman"

Wing Chun