A Touch Of Zen

Banteng Betawai
...aka "Si Pitung - Banteng Betawi"

Black & White Umbrellas

Black Enforcer

Blood And Guts
...aka "The Avenger"
...aka "Samurai Blood, Samurai Guts"
...aka "The Avengers"

Blood Of The Dragon
...aka "Dangerous Chase"
...aka "Desperate Chase"

Duel For Gold

Duel Of Fists

Duel Of The Iron Fists
...aka "The Duel"
...aka "Revenge of The Dragons"

Extreme Enemy

Gallant Duo
...aka "Last Duel"

Invincible Super Chan
...aka "Super Chan"
...aka "Forced To Fight"

Lady With A Sword

Living Sword

Long Road to Freedom

Patriotic Knights

Secret of My Millionaire Sister

Story of 36 Killers
...aka "Story of Thirty-Six Killers"
...aka "Thirty Six Killers"

Struggle Karate

The Ammunition Hunters

The Big Boss
...aka "Fists of Fury"

The Crimson Charm

The Deadly Duo

The Eunuch

The Invincible Iron Palm

The Killer
...aka "Sacred Knives of Vengeance"

The New One-Armed Swordsman
...aka "Triple Irons"

The Patriotic Heroine

The Scholar Swordsman
...aka "The Scholar Swordman"

The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Devil
...aka "Blind Girl & Devil Killer"
...aka "Seizure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl"
...aka "The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl"
...aka "Blind Girl Vs. Devil Sword"

Thousand Years Old Fox
...aka "1000 Year Old Fox"
...aka "Cheonnyeonho"


36 Sword Guards
...aka "Thirty Six Sword Guards"

Anonymous Heroes

Back Alley Princess

Black and White Swordsman
...aka "One Man's Vengeance"

Bloody Claw

Broken Sword
...aka "His Sabre Is Matchless"

Champion Of Champions


Comet Strikes

Cruel Killer

Deaf And Mute Heroine
...aka "Deaf & Mute Heroine"

Devilish Killer

Duel of Karate
...aka "To Subdue Evil"
...aka "To Subdue the Devil"

Duel With Samurai

Evil Karate

Finger Of Doom

Ghost’s Sword

Golden Seal

Golden Sword And The Blind Swordswoman
...aka "Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman"
...aka "Zatoichi The Blind Swordswoman"
...aka "Blind Swordswoman"

Invincible Sword

Iron Fan And Magic Sword
...aka "Iron Fan & Magic Sword"

Long Chase

Lost Interview

Magic Palm

Oath Of Death

Professional Killer

Red Beard


Revenge of Ghost

Rider of Revenge

Samurai Vs. Swordsmen

Shadow Girl

Showdown At Golden Gate
...aka "Showdown At The Golden Gate"
...aka "Duel At The Golden Gate"
...aka "Fight Of Golden Gate"
...aka "Geummun-ui Gyeoltu"

Struggle for Avengence
...aka "Struggle for Vengeance"

Swift Knight


Swords Of Death

Swordsman At Large

The Bloody Priest

The Brave And The Evil

The Eight Dragon Sword
...aka "The 8 Dragon Sword"
...aka "The Eight Dragon Swords"
...aka "The 8 Dragon Swords"

The Eight Immortals

The Five Devil Ghost

The Lady Hermit

The Tiger and the Dragon

Unknown 028

Zatoichi Meets The One-Armed Swordsman
...aka "Blind Swordsman Meets His Equal"