A Ghost Story of Joseon Dynasty
...aka "Ijogoedam"

Bloody Hand Goddess
...aka "Cruelty Goddess"

Bravest Revenge

Brothers Five

Cold Blade

Four Moods
...aka "4 Moods"

Golden Operation 70 in Hong Kong
...aka "Golden 70s Hong Kong"
...aka "Hwanggeum70 Hongkongjagjeon"

The Begging Swordsman

The Bravest Revenge

The Heroic Ones
...aka "Shaolin Masters"

The Ill Wind

The Invincible Eight
...aka "The Invincible 8"

The Invincible of the Far East
...aka "Geugdong-ui mujeogja"

The Iron Buddha

The River Dragon

The Secret of the Dirk

Turn Around at Samgakji
...aka "Dol-aganeun Samgagji"


...aka "Kung Fu Vengeance"

Way Ching Killed The Dragon

Wrath of the Sword


Angry River

Black Hurricane

Blade Spears None

Chinese Boxer
...aka "Hammer of God"

Eagle’s Claw

Fast Sword

Forbidden Killing

Golden-Headed Eagle

Heads For Sale

Hero's Blood
...aka "Blood of a Hero"


Jade Faced Assassin

King Eagle

Lady Musketeer

Matchless Conquerer

Mission Impossible

Shadow Whip

Silver Maid

Singing Killer
...aka "Little Killer"

Six Assassins

Sorrowful To A Ghost
...aka "Devils To Worry"

Sword in the Wilderness

Sword On Fire

Swordswomen Three

Taste Of Cold Steel

The Darkest Sword

The Twelve Gold Medallions

Three Samurai


Unknown 109
...aka "Golden Gambler"

Valley Of The Fangs

Vengeance Of A Snow Girl
...aka "Vengeance of A Snow-Maid"

Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo