Death Valley

Fight For The Agreement
...aka "Fight for Agreement"
...aka "Avenger In White"

Golden Swallow
...aka "Girl With The Thunderbolt Kick"
...aka "Mistress of The Thunderbolt"
...aka "Shaolin Swallow"

Great Swordsman
...aka "Daegeomgaek"

Killer Darts

Laughing Hero
...aka "Smiling Swordsman"

Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman

The Bells Of Death

The Eight Bandits
...aka "The Eight Robbers"
...aka "The Eight Pirates"
...aka "The 8 Robbers"
...aka "The 8 Pirates"
...aka "The 8 Bandits"

The Fastest Sword

The Magic Bow

The Magnificent Five

Twin Blades Of Doom

Unicorn Fortress


Enchanted Chamber

Jade Dragon

Jade Raksha

Land Of Many Perfumes

Magnificent Swordsman
...aka "Vagabond Swordsman"

Silver Fox

Sword Of Swords

Swordsman Of All Swordsmen

That Fiery Girl

The Angel Strikes Again

The Black Butterfly

The One-Legged Fiend
...aka "The One Legged Fiend"

Three Swordsmen And The Dragon Door

Travels With A Sword