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AKA King of Kung Fu


Lee Hai Sheng

Bolo Yeung
Bruce Le

PT Insantra

The Movie just starts with Bruce Le, the not so good martial artist and clone showing off his skills on the familiar red background, on the usual shaws training scenes , where hes training in a lot of styles and punching Pots and some annoying screaming, and the opening music from the banzai tv series a while back. I had a lot of joy in getting this korean title, because since liking the Game of death i thought that this would be a real good acception to the genre, well saying this i love Bruce le for some reason in that he really has a style that he always uses thru his films, the snake style but i was really dissappointed, cause it wasnt used at all thru-out this great movie. The Film starts with all the bosses, american , japanese and others all talking about taking over each others countries and talking about a secret document that is inside the Tower of death, and the main women that stars is hearing into the conversation, and then she is told to convince Le to get the document from the Tower of death. Then we cut to bruce le in the woods sparing with a tree, then comes a bunch of japanese fighters, trying to attack le for no reason, he takes out these fighters with ease, then enters bolo in a fetching funky blue trousers, which him and le fight for a minute then they part. The Film starts off with bolo yueng as his usual self, wailing his hands everywhere breaking necks with ease with his impressive skills that he has fast and brutal, then after some nonsense of gwelios fighting each other we get to some action where bolo is in the ring just taking out all opposition, with a few kicks and fast punchs and a few broken necks later, bruce le steps in the ring with bolo and this where the action starts they both exchange a lot of punchs kicks, until (Le) takes over with some punchs and good kicks with no response from bolo, until the fight in the ring stops. Then we switch to Le talking to all the bosses asking for the documents from the tower of death, her is where all the action starts, another fight with a bunch of chinese fighters with swords and le, takes them out firstly with the case of a sword then with a few kicks till the main women (Call me Lisa) saves him and takes him away and starts to convince him to save the document and solving the case, cause for some reason hes in too deep, but he still says no. Then enter Le, running up the woods in the infamous yellow jump suit, then enter a bunch of american and chinese fighters with as much skill as ekin cheng, he takes them out with some kicks and a lot of karate like throws then enters too black looking guys one who he has a very impressive fight later on with takes them out easy as pie. Cut a long story short we Le's cousin walking thru that same woods, and the japanese boss and his gweilo's attack and rape her and he saves her but she dies in his arms and we come to him reminising how much hate he has for the japanese then a funny scene where he thinks he sees his cousin again but she has an alarming likeness to the lead female Lisa, then le agreeing that he will take up the case and re-trive the missing document . Then we see the japanese master, talking to the chinese boss which im recognising as James Nam, and then we have le back with his girlfriend Lisa and his two gweilo friends and him back in his yellow jumpsuit, then him going into the new tower of death with a few more stages. The Tower of Death (With Extra Stages starts now) with Lee Hoi San the usual good host of films under his belt and excellent fighting skills starts off with him being a buddhist master with a lot of wooden statues and insense and him throwing ball bearings and le catching them and crushing them like puttym this is quite an impressive fight with le, doing some quite good kicks then Lee hoi using some butterfly knifes but with no luck Le just defending himself with a bamboo cane, with of course the length beating lee hoi san le just beats him easily with the cane, finishing him out with a few spin kicks. Next a Snake master using real snakes, which is a good gimmick and rather original , this fight is just like the other where he clears house with him then the snake master, drinks the blood of the snake and sprays it like a hose and le just getting rid of him like old news. Next two fighters but this is hard to describe the master who is quite good starts off good then switchs to using some nunchukes then le, gets out his funky yellow ones also and they start fighting using them and this is a rather good scene i thought until he is wasted to nothing This fight is rather odd , where a man fights in red light, but he is a death fighter, this first of two fighters is some little gweilo fighter using some tiger style, with le firstly kicking a pot and breaking a thick post , this first fighter is nothing really le wastes him in a few moves, next jumps up his master who is quite a beast really , le starts off doing some classic lee sounds a moan kinda sound , but the master isnt much better just giving le and extra showcase til the master switchs to the mantis style where le picks up a beating and some classic 3 slash mark down the side of his face, then the master switchs styles again but le's had enought and just clears house with a jumping back kick. Cut to the top floor with james nam taking the document and leaving Le to fight off a throw back from 36 Deadly Styles with big funky hair, le easily takes him out. Cuting a long story short with a lot of usless fighting from le's gweilo friends, le has a few good fights one with the black Jim Brown lookie likee, japanese boss and bolo taking all of these out with a many moves and him finally getting the document and giving it to the american finally realising that hes also working for the japanese and le has to take out him this is the finale wear hardly any proper moves are just a few kicks and punchs and le doing a lot of throws , until hes defeated him with a kick to the midrift kind of a signiture move in this movie, then it cuts to le talking to lisa saying they are pleased , and le says he should be thanking her for showing him the proper thing to do , then goodbye and he walks off in the distance. ENDE (Strange) Source:- Matt Freckingham

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1 PAL English None Widescreen 1st Gen. 01:26 Download
Audio dubbed onto German print


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