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Jackie Chan

Nora Miao

Kam Kong

James Tien
Wang Chi Sang

Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.

Some of the greatest Kung Fu film maker's would put icing on the cake by stamping a seal of authenticity with an introductory segment. This would usually be by way of historical/technical narrative, and, or a demo from the respective artiste. These magic moments were often filmed in an isolated sound-stage. As well as being educational, this concept serve to settle an audience and ready them for some serious Kung Fu action. Here we have the ideal enviroment for an electric Chan-Opener.

Against a red back-drop Jackie treat us to a demonstration of six-harmony-spear with whirling, twirling, spiraling, somersaults, and an excellent display of single sword & tonfa against two spearmen. When Jackie goes interactive you will either be mesmerised, awe-inspired. Just check out the multitude of disarming, striking and sheer manipulation of time & space. A perpetual peek in at the opera.

Once every decade, the various martial art faction's meet in the Hwa mountain's to create new system's. This time the art of snake & crane is developed, but no sooner has the new style been documented than all the masters, along with the book, mysteriously vanish.

Enter Hsu Yin Fong (Jackie Chan), a young master who claim's to possess the coveted book of snake & crane. Untold dastardly martial artist's try to scheme the book from Hsu but his martial arts and cunning are too good for his aggressors , most of whom end up befriending him. It turns out, after many breathtaking fight's in which Hsu used chopstick's, sword's, bamboo, window frame, stall's, paper, wind palm, and acrobatic's, that he is in fact the student of the sole surviving master from the Hwa mountain conference. The master explain's that he gave Hsu the book in order to flush out the culprit who poisoned the other master's. By this time Hsu and the gang have a pretty good idea who the masked killer is, and challenge him to a duel in the Hwa mountain's. With an audience of clan's the stage is set for a battle royale. Definitely dressed to fight, the big boss man of the Black Dragon clan, Chien, (Kam Kong), is wearing a well trained Iron Armour?. Hsu has a tough time trying to penetrate the solidity of Chien's style. Just as Hsu get's to flip's with some tailor-made snake & crane than a trio of final rival's join in. An oscar winning presentation of arm's propels three spearmen through a truly amazing piece of Chan choreography. Artful dodging, blending, attacking, and defending merge to a mantel of magnificence. Sprung from pause Chien is annihilated with the appliance of snake & crane science.

This is without doubt the best Jackie Chan period film as far as showcasing his martial art's is concerned, from the opening credit's where Jackie displays weaponry skill's to the epic ending. As for the superb spearmen, (Pang Gang and Wong Chi Sheng), Jackie drafted them back in for a return engagement in his blockbuster The Fearless Hyena. On a sad note the movie received little exposure when released in 1978 due to lack of advertising. Upset by seeing all his hard work go to waste, Jackie made the classic kung fu send-up Half a Loaf of Kung Fu as kick-back to the whole Kung Fu genre at that time

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