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AKA Black Milipede

Shek Kin

Kwai Tin-lan is ambushed and decapitated by Koi Kong-nam of Centipede Sect, who has abducted the deceased's daughter Yuk-kiu. The surviving son Ying, rescued from peril by Kau Kung-tan and his disciple Fu Hung-yuk, is taken under the wing of Fu's grand master. Returning to his sect, Koi forces himself on Yuk-kiu but is intercepted by the knight-errant Yeung Chun before they escape into the safety of Bull Fighting Fortress following Kau's guidance. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Ying leaves the mountain terrains and reunites with his sister following Kau's directions. The siblings, joined by Fu and others, storm the Centipede Sect and kill their adversary. Scheming to eradicate the helmswoman Madam Chai, Yeung fakes to have fallen prey to her enticing spell while dispossessing her of the empowering silk robe. Distressed by the crumbling of Centipede Sect before her eyes, Chai slashes her throat and dies. (Synopsis based on audiovisual materials)
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1 NTSC Chinese None Fullscreen 1st Gen. 01:28 Download