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KOREAN 금문의 결투
AKA Duel At The Golden Gate Fight Of Golden Gate
Geummun-ui Gyeoltu Showdown At The Golden Gate

Beon-qae and his gangs who trained in martial arts from master Gong Sa-deok harass civilians and kill their master, to take the place of the eldest within the martial arts school. Jin-won, suspicious of his master's death, receives a secret map from his fiancee Yeo-hwa, his master's daughter. He finally discovers the secret of the map, and learns the most powerful martial arts move with the help of an old woman and Ha Dam-ok. Meanwhile Beon-qae's tyranny has worsened and Yeo-ok is forced to marry him. Jin-won finally decides to eliminate Beon-qae and his followers. He slays him, and leaves with the jade seal signifying the eldest of his school, named Nokbulokjang.
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1 NTSC Korean None Fullscreen 0 Gen. 01:18 Download
Anamorphic (needs flagging for 16:9 widescreen)

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