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AKA Taegwon pa-iteo(fighter)

Police detective Jeong decides to tame five juvenile delinquents. He believes that all that these kids need is love and attention to turn them around. His solution is to teach them the martial arts of Taekwondo. At the first Taekwondo match, the kids commit all kinds of fouls and get out of hand, Jeong is reprimanded and demanded to leave the martial arts federation. He becomes the object of criticism and ridicule from his peers. Finding out about Jeong's glorious past in the world of Taekwondo, the kids kneel in front of him and pledge their undying devotion to their new teacher. From then on, they go through a vigorous training process learning the decorum and the spirit of Taekwondo. They compete again in another match and are put against powerful Kyung-ho Team. The teacher of the Kyung-ho team is an old rival of Jeong. These two foes meet again as teachers and as the audience watches in awe, they fight to the finish.
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1 NTSC Korean English (Emb.) Widescreen 1st Gen. 01:12 Download