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BRAND (1974)
AKA Nag-in


Hwang Jang Lee

Han Seo-Do, a grand master of Tae Kwon Do, was attacked to death by Park Do-Seok, his sworn brother, Kuroneko, a Japanese, Jin Dal-Ma, a Chinese and Jackson, a Russian. Cheol-Young, Seo-Do's little boy, witnessed his father's death and swore revenge for his father. 20 years later, he started to look for the enemies and his sister. One day he met Park Kwang-Do, his pledged brother, and they found out Kuroneko's stronghold. They rushed into there and grppled a fight. Jackson, Jin Dal-ma and Kuroneko were faced with miserable death while Seo-Do found that Kuroneko's daughter Miyako is Cheol-Young's sister and Park Do-Seok is Park Kwang-Do's real father. But it was too late for Park Do-Seok. He was killed by Cheol-Young's enraged fist.
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