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AKA Gate Of Life Or Death Sasaengmun


Lee Kang Jo

Han Ying

Near the end of World War II, Japan sends Oyama, the Commander of the Security Unit, to Korea to hunt down the Mugunghwa Group, a secret group of young people fighting for their country's liberation. Dong-min, the head of the group, had met Oyama when he studied at Tokyo University. The two were college classmates who fought to be at the top of the class. The two were also rivals for the love of Dong-min's wife, Hye-young. Dong-min and Hye-young meet Oyama at a party. At the end of the party, Hye-young is surprised to find out that her husband is the head of the Mugunghwa Group. After having aboard all the members on a ship to Shanghai, Dong-min turns around to face Oyama and his men who cut him down. Holding Dong-min with bitter sorrow, Hye-young fervently wishes for the day of liberation and disappears.
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1 PAL English None Fullscreen 1st Gen. 01:18 Download
Footage inserted from common HK movie starring Philip Ko

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Footage inserted from common HK movie starring Philip Ko