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AKA 108 Golden Killers 108 Killers
City Ninja Hwaya
Hwa-ya Rocky's Love Affairs


Casanova Wong

Chan Wei Man

Han Ying

Phillip Ko
John Ladalski

First Films

Wang-ho is a great fighter. He signs with the international promoter Pak Min-gyu for 5,000 dollars and goes to Hong Kong as an athlete. In truth, the Hong Kong man Tobaren has hired Wang-ho for a job. Tobaren wants to get his hands on a million dollars worth of gold bars. He needs Wang-ho to take care of six villains. To boot, Tobaren uses his seczaretary Linda to make sure that Wang-ho doesn't double-cross him. But when the bad men kill Tobaren and Min-gyu, Wang-ho and Linda grow close real quick. The six villains believe that Linda and Wang-ho have the seven gold necklaces which would lead them to the secret hiding place of the gold so they go after them. Ultimately, they get to Linda. She tells Wang-ho the hiding spot before she dies. Wang-ho turns the gold over to the police.
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