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AKA Ninja: American Samurai


Mark Dacascos

Dion Lam
David Bradley John Fujioka
Ron Vreeken Melnik Dubroviko

Sam Firstenberg

Michal Engel Hilik Gurfinkel
Guy Norris

John Corcoran

Karen Arbeeny Allan Greenblatt

Cannon Group

It is Istanbul, and a Turkish police captain warns the hero to watch his step. “Did you see Midnight Express ?” the captain asks, “Then you know what I mean.” The hero, played by David Bradley, is not intimidated. After all, even though he speaks perfect, unaccented American English, he was raised from infancy by a Japanese samurai master in a “remote” area of Japan. The film falls into the martial arts arena genre, where various fighters battle to the death until only two are left--the hero, who has been coerced into participating, and his blindly jealous Japanese “brother,” who has never gotten over believing that Dad liked the Caucasian best. The colors are a bit light here and there, but generally the picture looks good. The stereo surround sound is fine. The side break is a little jarring but manageable. Fans should take note that although the drama is silly, the fight scenes are plentiful and satisfying, and the movie doesn't waste much time between them. source: Doug Pratt's Laserdisc Review

Format Language(s) Subtitles Presentation Quality Time Screenshots

1 PAL English None Fullscreen 0 Gen. 01:26 Download