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Michael Duddicoff David Bradley James Booth (I) Dwayne Alexandre
Ken Gampu Kely McClung Anthony Fridjohn David Sherwood
Deon Stewardson Craig Ginsberg Brian Mabelane John Pasternack
Robin Smith Chris Ollie Isaac Mavimbella Ted Le Plat
Thomas Witt Maureen Lahoud Gavin Mey Graham Press
Tyrone Stevenson Deon Van Schoor

Cedric Sundstrom

Ed Anders

David Geeves

Ovidio G. Assonitis Avi Lerner
Christopher Pearce

Cannon Group

“Cut the slime down like dog with no mercy!” In Short The trailer claims, "This time Michael Dudikoff isn't out for revenge - he's out for annihilation", and it also promises four times the action! Great, especially since I happened to enjoy the first two American Ninja movies. While those aren't classics, they are fun and entertaining Ninja flicks. The third one is without a doubt one of the worst movies ever made, and Part 4 finds itself right between the decent Parts 1 and 2 and the Abominable 3. Given a bottom of the barrel movie like AN3 and two bad but entertaining Ninja movies, that leaves AN4 at “bad but with only a few redeeming factors to relieve the tedium”, and boy, is there tedium. Synopsis Michael Dudikoff returns as Joe Armstrong, a former G.I. now working as a teacher (!) who turns and drops everything when his friend, Sean Davidson (David Bradley) is captured by a mad Arab and a pissed off British mercenary. In Detail What makes a good Ninja movie? Good fights, cheesy sets and costumes, and, of course, a cast playing it tongue in cheek. American Ninja 4:The Annihilation isn't a good ninja movie, for it offers nothing in those categories. The fights are standard, and the cast plays it so seriously - well, that is, everyone but Michael Dudikoff; he doesn't play it straight so much as he does play it detached. He looks so embarrassed to be in this mediocre sequel he doesn't even say six words! He still acts circles around a comatose Bradley, who is such a bad actor… how bad, you ask? He makes Jalal Merhi seem like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger seem like Laurence Olivier. There is no way to describe David Bradley’s "performance"; he is literally out acted by the sword Michael Dudikoff wields. The rest of the cast is just universally awful or hammy; one example being James Booth. It just doesn't get much worse then this in the acting department; I can now see why Michael Dudikoff was so detached from the part. This is unfortunate, for Michael Dudikoff is also one of the more credible action stars also out there; he has genuine talent. I have looked at some of his later work such as The Silencer and The Shooter, and although Dudikoff is the strong, silent type, he has a real screen presence and is also fun to watch in action. So why am I talking about Michael Dudikoff? Well, he is the only redeeming factor in this movie. The movie is beyond awful in the first 45 minutes - all dedicated to David Bradley - but once Dudikoff enters the fray, the film picks up; he starts kicking ninja ass and the movie gets decent, making the last half – where everything happens - worthwhile and entertaining. That is what earns this flick a 4 out of 10. So who is this movie for? Well, for Michael Dudikoff fans, for Ninja fans, and maybe people for who like action… which brings a flaw to the proceedings. The action itself is routine and unimaginative. It seems to follow a simple pattern: Michael Dudikoff kicks Bad Ninja 1 in the stomach, punches him in the face three times, and then slashes him with a sword; Bad Ninja 1 dies. Bad Ninja 2 attacks, same formula. Very routine, but surprisingly, it's better then what we get for action movies nowadays, like Jennifer Lopez's atrocious and terrible Enough and the equally awful The One. American Ninja 4:The Annihilation isn't a great movie – again, the action is fairly routine - yet somehow, things are tolerable enough to be watchable. It isn't great, but you can do worse. Wrapping things up, this is a movie that Michael Dudikoff did out of obligation. He didn't return for the atrocious American Ninja 5; this was his last role as the "American Ninja", so basically that speaks for itself. The bottom line is that even though this fairly dull chop sockey movie provides some entertainment and okay action scenes, seasoned action fans are well advised to give this recycled sequel a pass and rent American Ninja 1 or 2 instead. Source: Ziggy's Video Realm [Kenner]

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