10 Shaolin Disciples
5 Setan Iblis
7-Star Grand Mantis
A Blind Eye
Abbot White
Above The Law
All For The Winner
All Men Are Brothers
Along Come The Tiger
American Ninja
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
American Ninja The Magnificent
American Samurai
American Shaolin
Armless Swordsman
Attack Of The Joyful Goddess
Balada Dua Jagoan
Bamboo House Of Dolls
Billy Chang
Bionic Ninja
Black Cat
Black Spider
Blooded Treasury Fight
Bloody Mafia
Blow Of Fury
Blue Butterfly The Amazon
Body Lover
Bruce And Dragon Fist
Challenge Of Death
Chinese Evil Technique
Cold Blade
Deadly Roulette
Deaf And Mute Heroine
Dragon Lee Vs. The 5 Brothers
Duel In Taekwondo
Duel In The Desert
Emperor Of The Underworld
Enter The Game Of Death
Four Infernos To Cross
Four Iron Men
From The Highway
Guards Of Shaolin
Laughing Fist
Ma Su Chen
Magnificent Wonderman
Ninja Holocaust
Revenge Of The Shaolin Master
Roar In The Woods
Showdown At Golden Gate
Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin
Snake Fist Of A Buddhist Dragon
Spiritual Kung Fu
Super Ninja
Taekwon Fighters
The Association
The Avenging Eagle
The Avenging Quartet
The Black Centipede
The Blazing Ninja
The Bloody Priest
The Brave And The Evil
The Champion Of The Boxers
The Eighth Head
The Gallantry King
The Last Fist Of Fury
The Super Kung Fu Fighter
Thirteen Year Old Boy
Thousand Year Old Wolf
Thousand Years Old Fox
Twelve Martial Arts
Two Dragons Sword
Unknown 013