1965 The All-powerful Flute (Part 1)
1965 The All-powerful Flute (Part 2)
...aka "Pipes Of The Wu Lin"
1966 Asia-Pol
1966 The Golden Buddha
c1967 Assassin
1967 The Black Killer
1967 The Black Falcon
1967 Dragon Creek
1967 The Cave of Silken Web
...aka "The Cave of the Silken Web"
1967 The Silent Swordsman
...aka "Scholar Swordsman"
1968 Golden Swallow
...aka "Girl With The Thunderbolt Kick"
...aka "Mistress of The Thunderbolt"
...aka "Shaolin Swallow"
1968 Killer Darts
1968 The Bells Of Death
1968 Death Valley
1968 The Fastest Sword
1968 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
c1969 Raw Courage
c1969 Twelve Deadly Coins
1969 Dragon Swamp
1969 The Flying Dagger
1969 The Golden Sword
1969 Lady Of Steel
c1969 The Golden Knight
1970 Brothers Five
c1970 Heads For Sale
1970 The Secret of the Dirk
1970 The Iron Buddha
1970 The Invincible Eight
...aka "The Invincible 8"
c1970 Six Assassins
c1971 Back Alley Princess
c1971 The Lady Hermit
1971 Duel Of The Iron Fists
...aka "The Duel"
...aka "Revenge of The Dragons"
1971 The Eunuch
1971 The Crimson Charm
1971 Lady With A Sword
c1972 The 14 Amazons
1972 Angry Guest
...aka "Kung Fu Killers"
...aka "Zehn Gelbe Fäuste Für Die Rache"
...aka "Black Swordman(Heuggaeg)"
1972 Pursuit
1972 The Devil's Mirror
1972 Fists of Vengeance
...aka "Deadly Knives"
...aka "A life-and-death struggle"
1972 One Armed Boxer
...aka "Chinese Professionals"
...aka "One-Armed Boxer"
1972 The Imperial Swordsman
1972 Man Of Iron
...aka "Warrior of Steel"
1972 The Black Tavern
1972 Four Riders
...aka "Strike 4 Revenge"
...aka "Hellfighters of The East"
1972 Ambush
c1972 Call To Arms
1973 Flight Man
...aka "The Daredevil"
c1973 Street Gangs Of Hong Kong
...aka "The Delinquent"
1973 Facets of Love
1973 Beach Of The War Gods
...aka "Blood Dragon"
1973 The Pirate
...aka "Pirates"
1973 The Bastard
c1974 Bedevilled
1974 Five Shaolin Masters
...aka "5 Masters of Death"
...aka "Les 5 Maitres De Shaolin"
c1974 Five Tough Guys
...aka "5 Tough Guys"
...aka "Kung Fu Hellcats"
c1974 Golden Lotus
c1974 The Skyhawk
c1974 The Savage Five
...aka "The Savage 5"
...aka "Savage 5"
1974 Friends
...aka "Blood Brothers"
1974 Shaolin Martial Arts
c1975 Marco Polo
...aka "4 Assassins"
1975 Disciples Of Shaolin
...aka "Invincible One"
...aka "Hung Boxing Kid"
1975 Big Brother Cheng
1975 The Bloody Escape
1975 The Golden Lion
c1975 Bruce Lee And I
...aka "Bruce Lee - His Last Days, His Last Nights"
...aka "I Love You, Bruce Lee"
...aka "La Vie Sentimentale De Bruce Lee"
...aka "Bruce Lee & I"
...aka "The Superstar"
c1976 7-Man Army
...aka "Seven Man Army"
...aka "7 Man Army"
c1976 The Blazing Temple
1976 The Dragon Missile
1976 New Shaolin Boxer
...aka "Demon Fists of Kung Fu"
...aka "Grandmaster of Death"
...aka "Choy Li Fat Kid"
1976 Big Bad Sis
c1977 Broken Oath
1977 Clans Of Intrigue
1977 Cobra Girl
...aka "Fangs of the Cobra"
1977 Death Duel
1977 Judgement of an Assassin
1977 Pursuit Of Vengeance
1978 Naked Comes The Huntress
1978 Legend Of The Bat
...aka "Bat Island Adventure"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
...aka "Chivalrous Killer"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2
c1979 Big Boss Of Shanghai
c1979 Five Super Fighters
...aka "Superfighters"
...aka "Drunken Fighter"
c1979 The 36 Deadly Styles
...aka "Shadow Boxin'"
...aka "Thirty-Six Deadly Styles"
c1979 Full Moon Scimitar
c1979 The Fearless Hyena
1979 The Ghost Story
1979 The Brothers
1979 Murder Plot
1979 The Magnificent Ruffians
...aka "Destroyers"
...aka "Destroyers of The 5 Deadly Venoms"
c1979 The Fearless Hyena II
...aka "The Fearless Hyena 2"
c1980 Ten Tigers Of Kwantung
c1980 The Boxer From The Temple
...aka "Kung Fu Kill Or Be Killed"
c1980 The Fighting Fool
1980 Killer Constable
...aka "Lightning Kung Fu"
...aka "Karate Exterminator"
1980 Coward Bastard
...aka "The Bully"
1980 The Kid With A Tattoo
...aka "Claws of The Eagle"
1980 Killer Army
...aka "The Rebel Intruders"
...aka "Guerrilla"
1980 Legend Of The Fox
c1980 Roving Swordsman
1981 Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
1981 Beware Of Pickpockets
1981 Black Lizard
...aka "The Black Lizard"
1981 Treasure Hunters
...aka "Master of Disaster"
1981 The Brave Archer Part III
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 3"
...aka "Blast of The Iron Palm"
...aka "Brave Archer 3"
1982 Aces Go Places
...aka "Mad Mission"
...aka "Diamond Finger"
1982 The Brave Archer And His Mate
...aka "Brave Archer 4"
...aka "Mysterious Island"
1982 Hell Has No Boundary
1982 The Fake Ghost Catchers
1982 The Lady Assassin
1982 Portrait In Crystal
1982 Descendant Of The Sun
1983 The Enchantress
1983 Aces Go Places II
...aka "Mad Mission II"
...aka "Mad Mission 2"
...aka "Aces Go Places 2"
1983 The Lady Is The Boss
1983 Bastard Swordsman
1983 Fast Fingers
1983 The Body Is Willing
1983 Little Dragon Maiden
...aka "Little Dragon Maid"
c1984 Bastard Swordsman 2
...aka "Return of The Bastard Swordsman"
c1984 Long Road To Gallantry
c1984 The Big Sting
1984 Aces Go Places III - Our Man from Bond Street
...aka "Mad Mission III"
...aka "Mad Mission 3"
...aka "Aces Go Places 3"
...aka "Mad Mission 3: Our Man from Bond Street"
1984 The Hidden Power Of The Dragon Sabre
1984 Taoism Drunkard
...aka "Miracle Fighter 3"
c1985 Arhats In Fury
1986 1000 Ways To Murder Your Wife
c1986 Brotherhood
1986 The Seventh Curse
1986 Aces Go Places IV
...aka "Mad Mission IV: You Never Die Twice"
...aka "Mad Mission 4"
...aka "Aces Go Places 4"
1986 Above The Law
...aka "Righting Wrongs"
...aka "Zhi fa xian feng"
1987 The Thirty Million Dollar Rush
...aka "Thorty Million Rush"
...aka "The Thirty Million Rush"
1988 The Eighth Happiness
1988 I Love Maria
...aka "Roboforce"
1988 Across The River
...aka "Devil King Sword, The"
...aka "Cross the River"
...aka "Devilking Sword"
...aka "Deavil King Sword"
...aka "Guo jiang"
...aka "Guo jiang long"
1988 Tiger Cage
1988 Three Against The World
1988 The Blonde Fury
...aka "Above The Law II - The Blonde Fury"
...aka "Above The Law 2"
...aka "Lady Reporter"
1989 Aces Go Places V
...aka "Aces Go Places 5"
...aka "Aces Go Places V - The Terracotta Hit"
c1989 Angel 2
...aka "Iron Angels 2"
...aka "Angels 2"
...aka "Mastaveni"
1989 Close Escape
1990 The Unmatchable Match
1990 Curry and Pepper
...aka "Curry & Pepper"
1990 All For The Winner
...aka "Du sheng"
1990 A Bite Of Love
1990 Bury Me High
1990 Blue Lightning
...aka "Blue Lighting"
c1991 An Eternal Combat
1991 Armour of God II - Operation Condor
...aka "Project Eagle"
1991 Black Cat
c1991 Red and Black
...aka "Red & Black"
1991 The Tigers
1992 3 Days Of A Blind Girl
...aka "Retribution Sight Unseen"
1992 Black Cat II
...aka "Black Cat 2"
...aka "The Assassination of President Yeltsin"
1992 The Big Deal
1992 Casino Tycoon
1992 Royal Tramp
1992 Casino Tycoon II
...aka "Casino Tycoon 2"
1992 Royal Tramp II
...aka "Royal Tramp 2"
1993 The Bride With White Hair
1993 The Assassin
1993 The Avenging Quartet
1993 The Black Panther Warriors
...aka "Warriors: The Black Panther"
1993 The Bride With White Hair 2
...aka "The White-Haired Swordswoman II"
c1994 21 Red List
...aka "21 Red Treaty"
1994 Love on Delivery
1995 The Adventurers
...aka "The Great Adventurer"
1995 Shaolin Kung Fu Kids
...aka "The Boys of Sao Lin Temple"
1996 Another Chinese Cop
1997 Hero
...aka "Return of The Boxer From Shantung"
c2000 Unknown 021
...aka "Boys From Shaolin Temple"
2000 Another Heaven
2000 The Accidental Spy
2001 Avenging Fist
2001 Running Out of Time 2
2001 Black Mask II
...aka "Black Mask 2"
c2002 2002
c2002 Black Mask Vs. Gambling Mastermind
...aka "Black Mask Vs. Saint Of Gamblers"
...aka "Black Mask Vs Gambling Mastermind"
2007 Bullet & Brain
...aka "Bullet and Brain"
2008 Butterfly Lovers
...aka "Sword Butterfly"
2010 Dream Home

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