c1971 Anonymous Heroes
1971 Duel For Gold
c1972 Blood Of The Leopard
...aka "Blood Leopard"
...aka "el hombre de la mano de acero contra el dragon rojo"
1972 Delightful Forest
...aka "Happy Forest"
c1973 Tattooed Dragon
1973 Adventure In Denmark
c1974 Hero of Kwantung
...aka "Hero of Kwangtong"
1974 Na Cha The Great
c1975 Boxer Rebellion
...aka "Bloody Avengers"
c1976 18 Shaolin Disciples
c1976 7-Man Army
...aka "Seven Man Army"
...aka "7 Man Army"
c1976 Revenge Of The Kung Fu Mao
...aka "Big Foot Mama"
c1976 Snake Shadow, Lama Fist
c1977 Along Come The Tiger
...aka "Fists Like Lee"
...aka "Along Comes The Tiger"
...aka "Along Comes A Tiger"
...aka "Along Came A Tiger"
...aka "Along Came The Tiger"
1977 Black Belt Karate
...aka "Karate Sabuk Hitam"
c1977 Broken Oath
c1977 Deadly Angels
...aka "Bod Squad"
c1977 Invincible Monkey Fist
...aka "Kera Sakti"
c1977 Naval Commandos
c1977 The Battle Wizard
1977 The Shaolin Plot
1977 Mantis Fist & Tiger Claws Of Shaolin
c1977 Flying Guillotine 2
c1978 Heaven & Hell
...aka "Shaolin Hellgate"
c1978 The Avenging Eagle
...aka "Cold-Blooded Eagles"
1978 Legend Of The Bat
...aka "Bat Island Adventure"
c1979 7 Commandments Of Kung Fu
...aka "The Seven Commandments Of Kung Fu"
...aka "7 Commandments Of Kungfu"
c1979 Choy Li Fat Kung Fu
...aka "Quick Cutting Without Knife"
c1979 Snake Deadly Act
...aka "Snake Fist, Drunken Step"
c1979 The 13 Styles Strike
...aka "8th Wonder of Kung Fu"
...aka "Thirteen Styles Strike"
c1980 Dragon Bruce Lee 2
c1980 The Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids
...aka "Battle of the Flying Tigers"
...aka "Seven Magnificent Kung Fu Kids"
c1980 Two On The Road
...aka "Fearless Dragons"
c1983 Shaolin Drunk Fighter
...aka "Drunk Fighter"
1989 Angel Enforcers

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