c1966 Pearl Phoenix
c1969 Marlowe
c1971 Anonymous Heroes
1971 Invincible Super Chan
...aka "Super Chan"
...aka "Forced To Fight"
c1972 Eagle Shadow Fist
...aka "Not Scared To Die"
c1972 Great Boxer
c1972 Police Woman
...aka "Rumble In Hong Kong"
...aka "Young Tiger"
1972 Four Riders
...aka "Strike 4 Revenge"
...aka "Hellfighters of The East"
1972 Revenge Of The Iron Fist Maiden
...aka "Deadly Fists"
c1973 Bamboo House Of Dolls
c1973 Cleopatra Jones
c1973 Ninja Fist Of Fire
c1975 Cleopatra Jones & The Casino Of Gold
c1975 Silent Guest From Peiking
c1976 Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave
...aka "Stranger"
c1976 Heroine Kan Lian Chu
c1976 Return Of The Tiger
...aka "Silent Killer From Enternity"
c1976 Thousand Mile Escort
...aka "Thousand Mile's Escort"
c1976 Warrior Within
c1977 Clones Of Bruce Lee
c1977 Shaolin Invincibles
c1977 Shogun Saints
...aka "Boxers of Loyalty & Righteousness"
1978 The Brave Archer Part II
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 2"
...aka "Shaolin Archer 2"
...aka "Brave Archer 2"
...aka "La Mano Violenta Del Karate"
1978 Black Belt Jones 2
...aka "The Tattoo Connection"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
...aka "Chivalrous Killer"
c1979 Iron Fisted Eagle’s Claw
...aka "Iron Claw"
c1979 Rolentless Broken Sword
...aka "Broken Blade"
...aka "Rolentless Broken Blade"
...aka "Lyrical Blades"
c1979 The 13 Styles Strike
...aka "8th Wonder of Kung Fu"
...aka "Thirteen Styles Strike"
1979 Lama Avenger
...aka "3 Avengers"
...aka "Duel of The Dragons"
...aka "The Three Avengers"
c1980 Challenge Of The Tiger
...aka "Gymkata Killers"
c1980 General Invincible
c1980 Kung Fu Art Monkey, Horse & Tiger
...aka "Raging Tiger Vs. Monkey King"
1980 The Big Brawl
...aka "Battle Creek Brawl"
c1981 Duel Of The Brave Ones
...aka "Revenge of The Dragon"
...aka "Shadow Killers"
c1981 Duel Of The Century
c1981 Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu
...aka "Massacre au Village"
c1981 True Game Of Death
c1982 Iron Fist Adventures
...aka "The Adventure"
...aka "Adventure Sandstorm"
c1982 Revenge Of The Ninja
...aka "Ninja II"
c1982 Weird Man
c1983 Cannon Ball Run 2
1983 Demon Fighter
...aka "Night Orchid"
1983 Fantasy Mission Force
...aka "Dragon Attack"
c1983 Last Ninja
c1983 Sakura Killers
c1983 The 18 Bronze Girls Of Shaolin
...aka "Bronze Girls of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Bronze Girls Of Shaolin"
...aka "Die 18 Bronzegirls Der Shaolin"
...aka "The 18 Bronzegirls Of Shaolin"
c1983 Usurpers Of The Emperor’s Power
...aka "Usurpers of The Emperor's Throne"
1983 Warrior Against Blind Swordsman
...aka "Warrior III"
...aka "Si Buta Lawan Jaka Sembung"
c1984 Shaolin Temple 2
...aka "Kids From Shaolin"
1984 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!
1984 Holy Robe Of Shaolin Temple
...aka "Shaolin & Wu-tang 2"
...aka "Monk From Wu-tang"
c1985 9 Deaths Of The Ninja
...aka "Nine Deaths Of The Ninja"
c1986 Big Trouble In Little China
c1986 Real Kung Fu Of Shaolin
c1987 Code Of Honour
...aka "Brotherhood"
...aka "Triad Savages"
c1989 Martial Law
c1990 City Cops
...aka "Beyond the Law"
c1990 Street Fury
c1991 Angel Of Fury
...aka "Lady Dragon 2"
c1991 Blood Ring
c1991 Dragon Cop
...aka "Karate Cop"
1991 Kickboxer King
...aka "American Kickboxer King"
c1992 Blackbelt
c1992 Karate Cop
...aka "Martial Law 2:- Undercover"
c1992 Kung Fu A Legend Reborn
...aka "Kung Fu A Legend Continues"
c1992 Naked Killer
c1993 Beyond Fear
c1993 Death Match
c1993 Fist Of Justice
...aka "Ballistic"
c1993 Guardian Angel
...aka "Beyond Justice"
c1993 Guyver:Dark Hero
c1993 Irresistible Force
c1993 Little Ninja Dragon
...aka "Ninja Dragon"
...aka "Magic Kid"
c1993 Red Sun Rising
c1994 Enter The Shootfighter
c1994 Expert
c1994 Kickboxer 4:Agrresor
c1994 Kickboxer 5:Redemption
c1994 Lion Strike
...aka "Ring of Fire 3"
c1994 Timecop
c1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
...aka "Power Rangers: The Movie"
c1995 Raw Target
c1995 Sudden Death
c1995 Three Ninjas Knuckle Up
c1995 White Tiger
...aka "Tiger Storm"
c1996 Maximum Risk
c1997 Double Team
c1997 Three Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain
c1998 Best Of The Best 4
c1998 Intercepting Fist
c1998 Mortal Conquest
...aka "G2"
...aka "G2 Time Warrior"

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