AKA Joe Lee Joe Lee
Lao Lit Law Lik
Law Lit Lida Wang
Lit Law Lo Lei
Lo Liee Loh Lieh
Luo Lie Ro Re
Ro Rye Wong Lap Dat

29/06/1940 Pematang Siantar, Indonesia

02/11/2002 Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China Heart Attack

Born in Indonesia to Cantonese parents, Lo migrated to Hong Kong in his teens, where he attended acting school and in 1962 joined the Shaw Bros. film company. By 1969 he had become the first kungfu superstar, preceding the legendary Bruce Lee. He acted in more than 100 films, usually cast as villains, then turned to directing in the 1980s. For over a decade ending in 1999, Lo was involved in television work in Hong Kong, until failing health forced him into semi-retirement.
mini-biography by
Don Marion

c1965 Temple Of The Red Lotus
c1965 Twin Swords
1965 The Butterfly Chalice
1965 Squadron 77
c1966 Magnificent Trio
...aka "3 Heroes of Border Castle"
c1966 Sword & The Lute
c1967 King Cat
c1967 Thundering Sword
1967 The Silent Swordsman
...aka "Scholar Swordsman"
1967 Trapeze Girl
1968 Golden Swallow
...aka "Girl With The Thunderbolt Kick"
...aka "Mistress of The Thunderbolt"
...aka "Shaolin Swallow"
c1969 Invincible Fist
...aka "Ruthless Iron Hand"
c1969 Twelve Deadly Coins
1969 Dragon Swamp
1969 The Flying Dagger
c1970 Chinese Boxer
...aka "Hammer of God"
c1970 Swordswomen Three
1970 Brothers Five
1970 Vengeance!
...aka "Kung Fu Vengeance"
c1970 Valley Of The Fangs
c1971 Long Chase
c1971 Oath Of Death
c1971 Rescue
c1971 Swift Knight
c1971 The Lady Hermit
1971 Duel For Gold
c1972 Mighty One
c1972 The 14 Amazons
c1972 Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
1972 King Boxer
...aka "5 Fingers of Death"
1972 The Fugitive
c1973 Bamboo House Of Dolls
1973 Devil and Angel
1974 Supermen Against The Orient
...aka "3 Supermen Against The Orient"
...aka "Crash Che Botte!"
1974 Kidnap
c1975 Fist Of Fury 2
...aka "Chinese Connection 2"
...aka "Fistful of The Dragon"
...aka "Jeet Kune The Claws"
1975 The Protectors
1975 Night of the Devil's Bride
1975 A Debt of Crime
1975 The Stranger And The Gunfighter
...aka "Blood Money"
...aka "La Dove Non Batte Il Sole"
...aka "El kárate, el Colt y el impostor"
1975 The Gambling Syndicate
1975 Black Magic
c1976 Big Boss Part II
...aka "Big Boss Part 2"
c1976 Black Magic 2
...aka "Revenge of The Zombie"
c1976 Deadly Kick
...aka "Wang Ryong"
c1976 Knife Of The Devil’s Roaring & Soul Missing
c1976 One Armed Against Nine Killers
...aka "One-Armed Against Nine Killers"
...aka "One-Armed Against 9 Killers"
c1976 One Armed Swordsmen
...aka "One-Armed Swordsmen"
c1976 Seven Men Of Kung Fu
...aka "Greatest Duel Of The Red Eagle"
...aka "7 Men Of Kung Fu"
...aka "Seven Knights, Eight Banners"
...aka "7 Knights, 8 Banners"
c1976 The Invisible Terrorist
c1976 Thousand Mile Escort
...aka "Thousand Mile's Escort"
1976 The Fierce Fist
1976 Killer Clans
1976 The Dragon Missile
1976 Deadly Roulette
...aka "Gugjegyeongchal"
...aka "International Police"
...aka "Interpol"
1976 The Magic Blade
1976 The Web Of Death
1977 Black Belt Karate
...aka "Karate Sabuk Hitam"
c1977 Chivalry, Gunman & The Killer
...aka "Noble Ninja"
c1977 Fatal Needles & Fatal Fists
...aka "Kung Fu Hercules"
c1977 Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes
...aka "Kung Fu Daredevils"
...aka "5 Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes"
c1977 Heroes Of Shaolin
...aka "Hero of The Wild"
...aka "Kung Fu Challenger"
c1977 Invincible Swordswoman
c1977 Killer From Above
...aka "Silver Fox Masters"
c1977 My Blade, My Life
c1977 Return of Bruce
c1977 The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
...aka "Master Killer"
c1977 The Eighteen Jade Arhats
...aka "18 Jade Pearls"
...aka "Jade Killer"
...aka "18 Deadly Arhats"
...aka "18 Jades"
...aka "18 Claws of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Claws Of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Jade Arhats"
...aka "Bruce Lee The Flying Dragon (18 Jades)"
...aka "Le Secret Mortel Des 18 Jades"
c1977 The Face Behind the Mask
...aka "The Face Behind Mask"
c1977 The Flash Legs
...aka "Shaolin Deadly Kicks"
...aka "Deadly Kick"
c1977 The Greatest Plot
...aka "Eight Swordsmen in Kwong Nan"
c1977 The Swift Shaolin Boxer
...aka "Invincible"
1977 Tiger Love
1977 Executioners From Shaolin
...aka "Executioners of Death"
...aka "Shaolin Executioner"
1977 Death Duel
1977 The Green Dragon Inn
...aka "Bruce Is Loose"
1977 Bandits, Prostitutes & Silver
...aka "The Damned"
...aka "Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 3"
...aka "Ho's, Thungz & Scrillaz"
1977 Pursuit Of Vengeance
c1977 Showdown at the Equator
c1977 Flying Guillotine 2
c1978 Born Invincible
...aka "Shaolin's Born Invincible"
...aka "Tai ji qi gong"
...aka "The Invincible"
...aka "Tai ji yuan gong"
c1978 Eagle’s Claw Vs. Butterfly Palm
...aka "Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm"
c1978 Eighteen Swirling Riders
...aka "18 Shaolin Riders"
c1978 Lung Wei Village
...aka "Killer Hillz"
...aka "99 Cycling Swords"
c1978 Magnificent
c1978 Manhunt
c1978 Red Phoenix
c1978 Revenge Of The Shaolin Kid
...aka "The Master of Death"
c1978 Super Dragon
c1978 The Cavalier
...aka "Dancing Kung Fu"
...aka "Smart Cavalier"
c1978 Three Shaolin Musketeers
...aka "3 Shaolin Musketeers"
c1978 Zodiac Fighters
1978 Shaolin Hand Lock
...aka "Handlock"
...aka "Revenge of The Shaolin-Kid"
...aka "Shaolin Handlock"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
...aka "Chivalrous Killer"
c1979 Deadly Confrontation
c1979 Drunken Arts & Crippled Fists
...aka "Peculiar Fist Kid"
c1979 Fist Of The White Lotus
...aka "Clan of The White Lotus"
c1979 Jade Fox
c1979 One Foot Crane
...aka "Kick of Death"
c1979 Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds & Wild Fire
...aka "Any Which Way You Punch"
1979 The Ape Girl
...aka "Lady Iron Monkey"
c1979 The Lawman
1979 Murder Plot
1979 Shaolin Abbot
...aka "Abbot of Shaolin"
...aka "Slice of Death"
1979 Dirty Ho
1979 Hand Cuffs
...aka "The Handcuff"
1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu
...aka "Mad Monkey"
c1979 Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey
c1980 Fists & Guts
c1980 Kung Fu Art Monkey, Horse & Tiger
...aka "Raging Tiger Vs. Monkey King"
c1980 Murder Of Murders
...aka "Flight of an Angry Dragon"
...aka "Massive"
c1980 Rendezvous With Death
c1980 Return Of The Deadly Blade
...aka "Shaolin Fighters Vs. Ninja"
1980 Swift Sword
...aka "Golden Snake Sword"
1980 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Romantic Swordsman"
c1981 Emperor & His Brother
c1981 Emperor Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane"
...aka "Lord Chuang, Li Tzu Cheng"
c1981 Gold Constables
...aka "Ninja Pirates"
1981 The Furious Killer
c1981 What Price Honesty
1981 Revenge Of The Corpse
...aka "Blood Thirsty Dead"
1981 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman
c1982 Human Skin Lanterns
...aka "Human Lanterns"
c1982 Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave
c1982 Spirit Of The Sword
1982 Buddha’s Palm
1982 Ghosts Galore
1983 The Enchantress
1983 Little Dragon Maiden
...aka "Little Dragon Maid"
c1984 Crazy Shaolin Disciples
...aka "Kung Fu Master"
c1984 Police Pool Of Blood
...aka "Secret Service of The Imperial Court"
1984 The Hidden Power Of The Dragon Sabre
1984 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!
c1985 How To Choose A Royal Bride
c1988 City War
c1988 Dragons Forever
...aka "3 Brothers"
1989 Seven Warriors
...aka "7 Warriors"
c1990 Forsaken Cop
1991 Bullet For Hire
c1992 Police Story 3
...aka "Supercop"
c1992 Requital
c1992 To Be Number 1
1996 Dangerous Duty