KOREAN 거룡 거 룡
AKA Bruce Lei Guh Ryong
Gui Lung Keo Ryong (nickname)
Moon ? (real name)


Interview conducted by Kim Byeong-Hak (edited by Rare Kung Fu Movies)
5:30pm - 8:30pm (12 Mar 04) at Sekyo Hotel Coffee Shop.

1>About his film debut:
"Before film debut, I had trained martial arts at gym with Kim Tae Jung!
I train and I watched many martial art movies.
During this period, I visit theater many times. I knew a man of the theater" (Dan Sung Sa: with very long history at Korea. Now I (Hak) don't know whether the theater is or not.)
"He worked at theater as painter (movie poster and board painting...)
One day this man told me, you look like Bruce Lee!"
That time many of Bruce Lee's films were introduced at Korea. It's flavor was really hot in Korea, too.
This man knew Dragon Lee is a mimic to Bruce Lee that time.
Dragon Lee had good relationship with this man, and this man introduce D.L. (Dragon Lee or simply Lee) to Hwa Chon Gong Sa (Korea filmmaking company) Hwa Chon memeber recognize Lee's possibility to mimic Bruce Lee.
That time, Thomas Tang and Josheph Lai visit Korea, and they had relationship with Hwa Chon.
These HK men also knew Lee's potential.

After 2 films (Last Fist of Fury and 5 Brothers), HK men invest to Hwa Chon, and they want Lee to have the main role in their funding films.
After Lee's first 2 films, HK men invest Korea film company, already!

2> How he came HK?
Thomas Tang and Joshep Lai call Lee at Korea.
That time in HK, already some Korean actors were there: Hwang Jang Lee, Kwon Young Moon, Casafa.
When Lee arrived at HK, HK newspaper advertise his coming as big news.
(alas! Lee didn't get this newspaper, but he is looking for it).

First, Hwang called to Lee (somewhat bad reason):
Hwang already was in high status with HK film, but he wasn't main star! But Dragon Lee's film debut start as main star! So Hwang guard against Lee--Bruce Khan also told similar things to me--bad Korean mood in film system.
Hwang drive sports car (expensive) with Kwon Young Moon. Lee recalled that time: Kwon was below fellow of Hwang! Bruce Khan told me, Kwon disagreed, saying that Hwang was below him!

Arriving in HK, Lee knew about this bad status, so Lee told to Kwon.
"Brother, if you want to win at HK system, you have to learn more technic", so lee accompany Kwon to YMCA to train martial art!

3> Why did you return korea?
Lee told me,
"I don't want to return Korea! But that time my situation was complex."

Korea Hwa Chon want to call back Lee because they saw Thomas Tang, Joseph Lai earn much money from Lee!
So Hwa Chon want to earn money from Lee's comeback to Korea.
to shoot Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu, this company team already were in Kwngwon-do, Korea before Lee come back!
Hwa Chon told to Lee, only 1 film. After this film, you can go to the HK again.
But it's result was ruined.

4>Other story
About Hwang Jang Lee:
"Returning to Korea, I helped him (Hwang) during shoot movie. Hwang live at my home, and I give some money to help, too." Hwang and Lee's relationship is good.

About Kwon Young Moon:
At HK, Kwon lived at Hwang's house.
(I told to Lee, i will meet Kwon Young Moon this Sunday.)
(And I explained his bad situation).
Lee said "OK, i will call brother Kwon after your meeting."

Lee told me, Tiger Yang win at USA 50~60 gym.

About Kim Tae Jung
Tae Jung visit Lee's office.
Lee recall, Tae Jung was somewhat insane person.
One day in HK, some Korean director (Lee Doo Yong/ Left Foot of Wrath!) stay at HK.
They drunk at a bar. That time, Tae Jung angry at them (without right reason) and let HK men (about 30 person: gang) pistol to director's head!!!

c1977 Bruce Lee’s Ways Of Kung Fu
...aka "Ways of Kung Fu"
c1977 Clones Of Bruce Lee
c1977 Enter The Invincible Hero
...aka "Dragon's Hero"
1977 The Last Fist Of Fury
...aka "Dragon Lee Does Dallas"
...aka "Real Bruce Lee"
...aka "Ultimate Lee"
...aka "Bruce Lei - König der Todeskralle"
...aka "Bruce Lee - O Dragão"
...aka "Choihui Jeongmumun"
...aka "The Last Martial Artist"
...aka "The Last Of The Ching Wu School: Righteous Martial Party"
...aka "The Last of Jung-mu Martial Arts Hall"
...aka "Choehu-ui Jeongmumun"
...aka "Dragon Bruce Lee"
...aka "Bruce Lee El Dragon Indestructible"
1978 Dragon Lee Vs. The 5 Brothers
...aka "Dragon Lee Vs. the Five Brothers"
...aka "Five Brothers"
...aka "5 Brothers"
...aka "Byeolmyeong-eul gajin ohyeongje"
c1978 Dragon On Fire
...aka "Enter 3 Dragons"
c1978 Dragon The Hero
...aka "Dragon on Fire"
c1979 Kung Fu Fever
c1980 Champ Vs. Champ
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c1980 Dragon Bruce Lee 2
c1980 Dragon The Young Master
...aka "Deadly Silver Ninja"
c1980 Golden Dragon, Silver Snake
c1980 Mission For The Dragon
c1981 Martial Monks Of Shaolin Temple
c1982 5-Pattern Dragon Claws
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...aka "5 Pattern Dragon Claws"
...aka "Five Pattern Dragon Claws"
c1982 Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger
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c1986 Dragon’s Showdown
...aka "Dragon's Infernal Showdown"
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1994 Emperor Of The Underworld
...aka "An Emperor Of Underworld"
...aka "Amheugga-ui Hwangje"

c1995 Two Man