AKA Carter Huang Carter Hwang
Carter Wang Carter Wong Ka Tat
Chia Ta Wong Huang Cha Ta
Huang Chia Da Huang Chia Daa
Hwang Chia Ta Ka Tat Wong
Patrick Wong Wang Chia Ta


c1971 Back Alley Princess
c1972 Hapkido
...aka "Lady Kung Fu"
c1973 Deadly China Dolls
...aka "Opium Trail"
c1973 When Taekwondo Strikes
...aka "Sting of The Dragon Masters"
c1974 Dragon Tamers
c1974 Last Battle Of Yang Chiao
c1974 Tournament
c1974 The Skyhawk
1974 The Association
...aka "Operation Ironman"
...aka "Heugmusa"
c1975 Dragon Gate
1975 Heroes Of The Late Ming Dynasty
c1975 Marco Polo
...aka "4 Assassins"
c1975 Way Of The Black Dragon
1975 Ming Patriots
...aka "Revenge of The Patriots"
c1976 18 Shaolin Disciples
c1976 Shaolin Kids
...aka "Shaolin Death Squad"
c1976 The 18 Bronzemen
...aka "Eighteen Bronzemen"
c1976 The 18 Bronzemen Part 2
...aka "Return Of The 18 Bronzemen"
...aka "18 Bronzemen 2"
...aka "The 18 Bronzemen Part II"
c1976 The 8 Masters
...aka "18 Bronzemen 3"
...aka "Der Bronzeschwur Der Shaolin"
...aka "Shaolin die 8 Meister des Kung-Fu"
...aka "The Eight Masters"
c1976 The Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "Das Erbe Die 18 Bronzekämpfer"
c1976 The Blazing Temple
c1976 The Invisible Terrorist
c1976 The Last Battle of Yang Chao
c1976 The Traitorous
...aka "Shaolin Traitorous"
1976 The Good, the Bad and the Loser
...aka "Good Bad & Loser"
c1977 Bruce Lee's Secret
...aka "Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu"
...aka "Dragon Story"
...aka "Bruce Li's Jeet Kune Do"
...aka "He's A Legend He's A Hero"
...aka "Bruce Lee's Secret"
...aka "Secret of Bruce Lee"
c1977 Chivalrous Inn
c1977 Killer From Above
...aka "Silver Fox Masters"
c1977 Mysterious Heroes
...aka "Lee's Younger Days"
c1977 Princess and the Toxicant
...aka "The Princess and the Toxicant"
...aka "Succabare"
1977 Rebel Of Shaolin
...aka "Shaolin Traitor"
c1977 Renegade Master
...aka "Shaolin Iron Finger"
c1977 Shaolin Brothers
c1977 Shaolin Death Squads
c1977 Shaolin Invincibles
c1977 Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue
...aka "18 Shaolin Disciples"
...aka "Killer Fists"
...aka "Wu-tang Mystagogue"
...aka "Shaolin Kung Fu Der Gelbe Tiger"
c1978 Born Invincible
...aka "Shaolin's Born Invincible"
...aka "Tai ji qi gong"
...aka "The Invincible"
...aka "Tai ji yuan gong"
c1978 Fatal Flying Guillotines
c1978 Filthy Guy
...aka "Return of The Secret Rivals"
...aka "Emperor of The Filthy Guy"
c1978 Funny Kung Fu
c1978 Killer Of Snake, Fox Of Shaolin
c1978 Legendary Strike
...aka "Fist Too Fast"
...aka "Iron Maiden"
c1978 Magnificent
c1978 Magnificent Fist
1978 The Super Kung Fu Fighter
...aka "Cheonhamujeog"
c1980 Kung Fu Art Monkey, Horse & Tiger
...aka "Raging Tiger Vs. Monkey King"
c1980 Mission For The Dragon
c1980 Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow 2
c1981 Emperor Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane"
...aka "Lord Chuang, Li Tzu Cheng"
c1981 Gold Constables
...aka "Ninja Pirates"
1981 The Furious Killer
c1982 Blow Up
...aka "Blow Out"
c1986 Big Trouble In Little China
c1993 The Way of the Lady Boxers
...aka "Madam the Great"
...aka "Angel Kickboxers"
c1999 Tiger Claws 3