AKA Elliot Elly
Ngok Wah Quyen Hua
Yo Hua Yue Hua
Yuei Hwa Yuen Hua


c1964 Monkey
...aka "Monkey Goes West"
c1966 Come Drink With Me
c1966 Princess Iron Fan
c1966 Sword & The Lute
c1967 Sweet Is Revenge
1967 The Silent Swordsman
...aka "Scholar Swordsman"
1967 Trapeze Girl
c1968 The Black Butterfly
1968 Killer Darts
1968 Death Valley
c1969 Raw Courage
c1969 Vengeance Is A Golden Blade
1969 Dragon Swamp
1969 Lady Of Steel
c1970 Shadow Whip
c1970 The Twelve Gold Medallions
c1970 Vengeance Of A Snow Girl
...aka "Vengeance of A Snow-Maid"
1970 Brothers Five
c1971 Long Chase
c1972 Casino
c1972 The 14 Amazons
c1972 Young Avenger
1972 Seven Blows Of The Dragon
...aka "Water Margin"
1972 Pursuit
1972 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
c1973 Payment In Blood
c1973 Seven Soldiers Of Kung Fu
...aka "All Men Are Brothers"
...aka "7 Kung Fu Assassins"
1973 The Villains
1973 The House of 72 Tenants
1973 The Iron Bodyguard
c1973 Village of Tigers
1974 Virgins of the Seven Seas
...aka "Virgins of the 7 Seas"
...aka "The Bod Squad"
...aka "Enter the Seven Virgins"
...aka "Enter the 7 Virgins"
1975 The Valiant Ones
1975 Supermen Against The Amazons
...aka "Amazons And Supermen"
...aka "Amazons Vs. Superman"
...aka "Barbarian Revenge"
...aka "Amazons Against Superman"
1976 The Fierce Fist
1976 Killer Clans
1976 The Web Of Death
1976 Shaolin Temple
...aka "Death Chambers"
c1977 Chivalry, Gunman & The Killer
...aka "Noble Ninja"
c1977 Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes
...aka "Kung Fu Daredevils"
...aka "5 Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes"
c1977 Invincible Swordswoman
c1977 Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Blades of Emotion"
c1977 The Face Behind the Mask
...aka "The Face Behind Mask"
c1977 The Greatest Plot
...aka "Eight Swordsmen in Kwong Nan"
1977 Clans Of Intrigue
1977 Jade Tiger
1977 The Green Dragon Inn
...aka "Bruce Is Loose"
c1978 Eagle’s Claw Vs. Butterfly Palm
...aka "Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm"
c1978 Filthy Guy
...aka "Return of The Secret Rivals"
...aka "Emperor of The Filthy Guy"
c1978 Kung Fu Girls
...aka "The Three & Half Dumb Kung-Fu Girls"
c1978 Lung Wei Village
...aka "Killer Hillz"
...aka "99 Cycling Swords"
c1978 Red Phoenix
c1978 Snake In The Crane's Shadow
...aka "Adventure Of Heaven Mouse"
...aka "Force 3 From Shanghai"
...aka "The Adventure Of The Heaven Mouse"
c1978 Super Dragon
1978 The Vengeful Beauty
1978 Legend Of The Bat
...aka "Bat Island Adventure"
c1979 Art Of War By Sun Tzu
...aka "Sun Tzu's Art Of War"
c1979 Deadly Confrontation
c1979 Ninja Wolves
...aka "Wolf Boxer"
...aka "The Wolf-Boxer"
...aka "A Pretended Rebel"
c1979 The Drunken Monkey
...aka "Monkey Fist, Floating Snake"
...aka "Monkey Kung Fu"
c1979 Full Moon Scimitar
1979 The Ghost Story
c1980 Bruce Tuan’s 7 Promises
c1980 Murder Of Murders
...aka "Flight of an Angry Dragon"
...aka "Massive"
c1980 The Six Directions Of Boxing
...aka "The Six Directions Boxing"
...aka "6 Directions Of Boxing"
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears
1980 A Deadly Secret
1981 Black Lizard
...aka "The Black Lizard"
1981 Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
...aka "Ninja Supremo"
...aka "Crippled Kungfu Boxer"
c1981 Duel Of The Century
c1981 Shaolin Master & The Kid
...aka "Fury of The Shaolin Master"
...aka "10 Commandments of Lee"
c1982 Dream Sword
1982 Hell Has No Boundary
c1983 The 18 Bronze Girls Of Shaolin
...aka "Bronze Girls of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Bronze Girls Of Shaolin"
...aka "Die 18 Bronzegirls Der Shaolin"
...aka "The 18 Bronzegirls Of Shaolin"
1983 The Enchantress
c1985 Damian Lau Tv Series
c1985 Unknown 055
...aka "Pat Poon TV"
c1988 In The Line of Duty 3
...aka "Force of The Dragon"
c1994 Rumble In The Bronx