c1972 Action Tae Kwon Do
...aka "Action Tae Kwan Do"
...aka "Action Taekwondo"
c1972 Fingers That Kill
c1972 Karate Killers
...aka "Stranger From Canton"
1972 Crush
1972 Blind Boxer
...aka "Revenge Of The Grand Master Of Martial Art"
...aka "Gwon-wang-ui bogsu"
c1972 Smugglers
c1974 Black Dragon
...aka "Tough Guy"
...aka "Super Dragon"
c1974 Trail of the Dragon
c1975 Magic Curse
c1975 The Black Dragon’s Revenge
...aka "Black Dragon Revenges' The Death Of Bruce Lee"
...aka "Death Of Bruce Lee"
...aka "Revenge of The Black Dragon"
c1977 Four Shaolin Challengers
c1977 Legend Of All Men Are Brothers
c1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
c1978 Funny Kung Fu
1978 Amsterdam Connection
c1979 Demon Strike
c1979 Hell’s Wind Staff
...aka "Dragon & Tiger Kids"
c1979 Ten Tigers Of Shaolin
1979 Shaolin Rescuers
...aka "Avenging Warriors of Shaolin"
1979 Budo Wing
...aka "Butcher Wing"
...aka "Death Stroke"
c1980 Bolo
...aka "Bolo - The Brute"
...aka "Fists Of Justice"
c1980 Magnificent Kick
...aka "Kick Without Shadow"
1980 Iron Chain Assassin
...aka "The Convict Killer"
1980 Killer Constable
...aka "Lightning Kung Fu"
...aka "Karate Exterminator"
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears
1980 A Deadly Secret
c1981 Bloody Parrot
c1981 Clan Feuds
...aka "Great Banner"
c1981 Emperor & His Brother
c1981 What Price Honesty
1981 Revenge Of The Corpse
...aka "Blood Thirsty Dead"
c1982 Strife For Mastery
c1982 Weird Man
1982 Gang Master
...aka "Traitor"
1982 Curse of Evil
1982 The Lady Assassin
1982 Shaolin Prince
...aka "Wu-tang Prince"
...aka "Iron Fingers of Death"
...aka "Death Mask of The Ninja"
1982 Portrait In Crystal
c1983 Demon Of The Lute
c1983 Men From The Gutter
1983 Holy Flame Of The Martial World
1983 Shaolin Intruders
...aka "Battle For Shaolin"
c1984 Long Road To Gallantry
c1984 Supreme Swordsman
...aka "Eagle's Swordsman"
c1985 Young Vagabonds
1985 Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
...aka "Disciples of The Master Killer"
1986 Blood Sorcery
...aka "The Curse"
c1990 Ma Wing Ching
c2007 Dragon Treasure
...aka "Dragon's Treasure"