AKA Big Nose Chiu Siu Keung
Chui Siu Keung Hsu Hsao Chang
Hsu Shao Chiang Tsui Shui Keung
Norman Chu Siu Keung

1955 Hong Kong, China

With a lineage to Xinhui, Guangdong, Hsu Shao-Chiang was born in 1955 in Hong Kong. He first joined Shaw Brothers as an action star and became the hottest actor in the martial arts genre. He later joined Rediffusion and made his fame starring in the serial drama "Bastard Swordsman". Hsu has been heavily involved in the movie industry since, and is still been active in TV and movie productions in the Greater China region. Hsu is a mentor to fellow ATV actor Eric Wan Tin-Chiu.

From the Celestial DVD release of "Return of the Bastard Swordsman".

1976 The Dragon Missile
c1977 The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
...aka "Master Killer"
1977 Death Duel
c1978 Descendants Of Wing Chun
...aka "Eagle's Showdown"
c1978 Dirty Kung Fu
c1978 Shaolin Challenges Ninja
...aka "Heroes of The East"
...aka "Drunk Shaolin Challenges Ninja"
...aka "Challenge of The Ninja"
c1978 Sword
1978 Clan of Amazons
1978 Soul of the Sword
1978 The Brave Archer Part II
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 2"
...aka "Shaolin Archer 2"
...aka "Brave Archer 2"
...aka "La Mano Violenta Del Karate"
1978 Shaolin Mantis
...aka "Deadly Mantis"
1978 Legend Of The Bat
...aka "Bat Island Adventure"
1979 Shaolin Abbot
...aka "Abbot of Shaolin"
...aka "Slice of Death"
c1980 Challenger
...aka "Deadly Challenger"
c1980 Fight for Glory
...aka "Killer"
...aka "The Great Hero"
c1980 Loot
...aka "Bloody Tattoo"
c1980 Rebelious Reign
c1980 Return Of The Deadly Blade
...aka "Shaolin Fighters Vs. Ninja"
c1980 We’re Going To Eat You!
c1980 Young Avenger
c1982 Bloody Mission
c1982 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
...aka "Dragon Story"
...aka "Demi Gods & Semi-Devils"
1982 Diamond Fight
1982 Ghost Nursing
1982 The Lady Assassin
c1983 Duel of the Masters
...aka "Gods of Wu Tang"
...aka "Godz of Wu Tang"
c1983 Duel To The Death
1983 Legendary Swordsman
...aka "The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang"
...aka "Titanium Blade"
...aka "The Denouement of Chu Liu Hsiang"
1983 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
...aka "Time Warriors"
1983 Bastard Swordsman
c1984 Bastard Swordsman 2
...aka "Return of The Bastard Swordsman"
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 01
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 02
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 03
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 04
c1985 Bastard Swordsman Tv Series
1985 Hong Kong Godfather
c1988 City War
1988 Three Against The World
1989 Blood Ritual
c1990 Sea Wolves
...aka "In The Line of Duty 7"
1990 A Bite Of Love
c1991 All Mighty Gambler
c1993 Wing Chun
c1994 New One-Armed Swordsman 94
...aka "What Price Survival?"
1999 Black Wind Inn
2010 Dream Home