1967 Dragon Inn
...aka "Dragon Gate Inn"
...aka "Longmen Kezhan"
c1968 Travels With A Sword
1968 Killer Darts
c1969 Lotus Camp
c1970 Angry River
1970 The Invincible Eight
...aka "The Invincible 8"
c1971 Back Alley Princess
1971 The Big Boss
...aka "Fists of Fury"
1971 A Touch Of Zen
c1972 Fist Of Fury
...aka "Chinese Connection"
c1973 The Unsubdued Furies
...aka "I Am a Chinese"
1973 7 Magnificent Fights
...aka "Seaman No. 7"
1973 Fate Of Lee Khan
c1974 Fists For Revenge
1974 Kung Fu 10th Dan
...aka "Kung Fu of 10th Dan"
...aka "Dragons Never Die"
...aka "The Wander Man"
c1974 Last Battle Of Yang Chiao
1975 Heroes Of The Late Ming Dynasty
c1975 Himalayan
c1975 Silent Guest From Peiking
c1975 Six Kung Fu Heroes
...aka "6 Heroic Figures"
c1975 The Golden Triangle
1975 The Valiant Ones
c1976 New Fist Of Fury
c1976 One Armed Swordsmen
...aka "One-Armed Swordsmen"
c1976 The Last Battle of Yang Chao
c1976 Tiger Jungle
...aka "Black Belt Fury"
c1977 Broken Oath
c1978 Image Of Bruce Lee
...aka "Storming Attacks"
c1979 Duel Of The 7 Tigers
...aka "Shadow of The Tiger"
...aka "Return of Scorpion"
c1980 Magnificent Kick
...aka "Kick Without Shadow"
c1980 The Jade Hairpin Alliance
c1982 Victims Of The Assassins
1986 Blood Sorcery
...aka "The Curse"