1967 Dragon Inn
...aka "Dragon Gate Inn"
...aka "Longmen Kezhan"
c1969 A City Called Dragon
c1971 Invincible Sword
1971 A Touch Of Zen
1973 Fate Of Lee Khan
1973 Win Them All
c1974 Chase Step By Step
...aka "Queen Boxer"
c1975 Dragon Gate
c1975 Eight Hundred Heroes
...aka "800 Heroes"
1975 Heroes Of The Late Ming Dynasty
1975 The Valiant Ones
c1976 18 Shaolin Disciples
c1976 Assassin
c1976 Seven Spirit Pagoda
...aka "Shaolin Temple"
1976 Great Hunter
c1977 Chivalry, Gunman & The Killer
...aka "Noble Ninja"
c1977 Pai Yu-Ching
...aka "Pai Yu Ching"
c1977 Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue
...aka "18 Shaolin Disciples"
...aka "Killer Fists"
...aka "Wu-tang Mystagogue"
...aka "Shaolin Kung Fu Der Gelbe Tiger"
c1977 The Face Behind the Mask
...aka "The Face Behind Mask"
c1977 The Greatest Plot
...aka "Eight Swordsmen in Kwong Nan"
c1977 To Kill With Intrigue
c1977 Woman of the Hour
...aka "A Great Amazon"
c1978 Deadly Silver Spear
...aka "Shaolin's Silver Spear"
c1978 Last Duel
c1979 The Eight Escorts
...aka "8 Peerless Treasures"
...aka "Eight Peerless Treasures"
1979 Raining in the Mountain
c1980 Unbeaten 28
...aka "Undefeated 28"
1980 The Revenger
...aka "Shaolin Revenger"
...aka "The Levenger"
c1982 Lost Kung Fu Secrets