c1960 Unknown 064
c1963 Last Women Of Shang
1963 The Black Centipede
...aka "Black Milipede"
c1964 Monkey
...aka "Monkey Goes West"
c1964 Sons Of Good Earth
c1965 Temple Of The Red Lotus
c1965 The Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 1)
c1965 The Six-Fingered Lord Of The Lute (Part 2)
c1965 Twin Swords
c1965 Unknown 018
...aka "Black Whirlwind"
1965 The Butterfly Chalice
1965 Squadron 77
c1966 Angel With Iron Fists
c1966 Come Drink With Me
c1966 Knight Of Knights
c1966 Magnificent Trio
...aka "3 Heroes of Border Castle"
c1966 Pearl Phoenix
c1966 Sword & The Lute
1966 Asia-Pol
1966 Jade Bow
1966 The Golden Buddha
1966 Poison Rose
...aka "Poisonous Rose"
c1967 Assassin
c1967 Divine Swordsman
...aka "Golden Sabre"
c1967 First Sword
c1967 King Cat
c1967 Kojiro
c1967 Rape Of The Sword
c1967 Stranger With The Golden Sword
...aka "Golden Sword"
c1967 Summons To Death
c1967 Sweet Is Revenge
c1967 The Golden Sword
c1967 Thundering Sword
c1967 Trail Of The Broken Blade
1967 The Black Falcon
1967 Dragon Creek
1967 One Armed Swordsman
...aka "One-Armed Swordsman"
1967 The Midnight Murder
1967 The Silent Swordsman
...aka "Scholar Swordsman"
1967 Dragon Inn
...aka "Dragon Gate Inn"
...aka "Longmen Kezhan"
1967 Trapeze Girl
c1968 Enchanted Chamber
c1968 Jade Dragon
c1968 Jade Raksha
c1968 Magnificent Swordsman
...aka "Vagabond Swordsman"
c1968 Silver Fox
c1968 Sword Of Swords
c1968 That Fiery Girl
c1968 The Angel Strikes Again
c1968 The Black Butterfly
1968 The Eight Bandits
...aka "The Eight Robbers"
...aka "The Eight Pirates"
...aka "The 8 Robbers"
...aka "The 8 Pirates"
...aka "The 8 Bandits"
c1968 Three Swordsmen And The Dragon Door
c1968 Travels With A Sword
1968 Golden Swallow
...aka "Girl With The Thunderbolt Kick"
...aka "Mistress of The Thunderbolt"
...aka "Shaolin Swallow"
1968 Killer Darts
1968 Fight For The Agreement
...aka "Fight for Agreement"
...aka "Avenger In White"
1968 The Bells Of Death
1968 Laughing Hero
...aka "Smiling Swordsman"
1968 Death Valley
1968 The Fastest Sword
1968 Twin Blades Of Doom
1968 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
c1969 Black Bull And White Snake
c1969 Black Invitation
c1969 Bloody Mask
...aka "Bloody Mask of Karate"
c1969 Duel at Black Dunes
c1969 Have Sword, Will Travel
...aka "Bodyguard"
...aka "2 Martial Arts Guards"
c1969 Invincible Fist
...aka "Ruthless Iron Hand"
c1969 Killers 5
c1969 Lotus Camp
c1969 Pearl In Command
c1969 Purple Darts
c1969 Raw Courage
c1969 Rover
...aka "Mysterious Knight"
c1969 Royal Seal
1969 Six Intellectuals
...aka "The Combat Six"
...aka "The Combat 6"
c1969 Swordsmates
c1969 The Absurd Brave
c1969 The Ace Of Swordsman
...aka "Ace Swordsman"
c1969 The Beautiful Swordswoman
...aka "Beautiful Swordsman"
c1969 The Black Panther
1969 The Golden Sabre
c1969 The Young Avengeress
...aka "The Young Avengers"
...aka "13 Pearls Of Death"
1969 Thrust With A Sword
c1969 Twelve Deadly Coins
1969 Two Dragons Sword
...aka "Two Dragons-Sword"
...aka "Two Dragon Sword"
...aka "Two Dragon Swords"
...aka "2 Dragon Sword"
...aka "2 Dragon Swords"
...aka "Ssangyong-geom"
...aka "Twin Dragon Sword"
c1969 Valiant Villain
c1969 Vengeance Is A Golden Blade
c1969 Wandering Swordsman
c1969 Winged Tiger
1969 Dragon Swamp
1969 Temptress of a Thousand Faces
1969 The Flying Dagger
1969 Three Encounters
1969 The Virgin Sword
1969 Diary of a Lady-Killer
1969 The Golden Sword
1969 Lady Of Steel
c1969 The Golden Knight
c1970 Angry River
c1970 Black Hurricane
c1970 Blade Spears None
c1970 Eagle’s Claw
c1970 Fast Sword
c1970 Forbidden Killing
c1970 Golden-Headed Eagle
c1970 Hurricane
c1970 Jade Faced Assassin
c1970 King Eagle
c1970 Matchless Conquerer
c1970 Shadow Whip
c1970 Silver Maid
c1970 Singing Killer
...aka "Little Killer"
c1970 Sorrowful To A Ghost
...aka "Devils To Worry"
c1970 Sword in the Wilderness
c1970 Sword On Fire
c1970 Swordswomen Three
c1970 Taste Of Cold Steel
1970 The Bravest Revenge
1970 The Ill Wind
c1970 The Twelve Gold Medallions
c1970 Thunderbolt
c1970 Unknown 109
...aka "Golden Gambler"
c1970 Vengeance Of A Snow Girl
...aka "Vengeance of A Snow-Maid"
1970 Brothers Five
c1970 Heads For Sale
1970 Vengeance!
...aka "Kung Fu Vengeance"
1970 Wrath of the Sword
1970 The Heroic Ones
...aka "Shaolin Masters"
1970 Bloody Hand Goddess
...aka "Cruelty Goddess"
1970 Four Moods
...aka "4 Moods"
c1970 Valley Of The Fangs
1970 The Secret of the Dirk
1970 The Iron Buddha
1970 Way Ching Killed The Dragon
1970 The Invincible Eight
...aka "The Invincible 8"
c1970 Mission Impossible
c1970 Six Assassins
c1971 36 Sword Guards
...aka "Thirty Six Sword Guards"
c1971 Back Alley Princess
c1971 Black and White Swordsman
...aka "One Man's Vengeance"
c1971 Bloody Claw
c1971 Broken Sword
...aka "His Sabre Is Matchless"
c1971 Champion Of Champions
c1971 Chase
c1971 Comet Strikes
c1971 Cruel Killer
c1971 Deaf And Mute Heroine
...aka "Deaf & Mute Heroine"
c1971 Devilish Killer
c1971 Duel With Samurai
c1971 Evil Karate
c1971 Finger Of Doom
1971 Gallant Duo
...aka "Last Duel"
c1971 Ghost’s Sword
c1971 Golden Seal
c1971 Iron Fan And Magic Sword
...aka "Iron Fan & Magic Sword"
1971 Living Sword
c1971 Long Chase
c1971 Magic Palm
c1971 Oath Of Death
c1971 Professional Killer
c1971 Red Beard
c1971 Rescue
c1971 Rider of Revenge
c1971 Samurai Vs. Swordsmen
c1971 Shadow Girl
c1971 Swift Knight
c1971 Sword
c1971 Swordsman At Large
c1971 The Brave And The Evil
c1971 The Eight Dragon Sword
...aka "The 8 Dragon Sword"
...aka "The Eight Dragon Swords"
...aka "The 8 Dragon Swords"
c1971 The Eight Immortals
c1971 The Five Devil Ghost
1971 The Patriotic Heroine
1971 The Scholar Swordsman
...aka "The Scholar Swordman"
1971 The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Devil
...aka "Blind Girl & Devil Killer"
...aka "Seizure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl"
...aka "The Seisure Soul Sword of a Blind Girl"
...aka "Blind Girl Vs. Devil Sword"
c1971 Unknown 028
1971 Black & White Umbrellas
c1971 The Lady Hermit
1971 The New One-Armed Swordsman
...aka "Triple Irons"
1971 Blood And Guts
...aka "The Avenger"
...aka "Samurai Blood, Samurai Guts"
...aka "The Avengers"
1971 Long Road to Freedom
1971 Duel Of The Iron Fists
...aka "The Duel"
...aka "Revenge of The Dragons"
1971 The Eunuch
1971 The Crimson Charm
1971 The Ammunition Hunters
1971 Lady With A Sword
1971 The Big Boss
...aka "Fists of Fury"
1971 A Touch Of Zen
1971 The Deadly Duo
1971 The Killer
...aka "Sacred Knives of Vengeance"
1971 Black Enforcer
c1972 Action Tae Kwon Do
...aka "Action Tae Kwan Do"
...aka "Action Taekwondo"
c1972 Blood Of The Leopard
...aka "Blood Leopard"
...aka "el hombre de la mano de acero contra el dragon rojo"
c1972 Fist Of Fury
...aka "Chinese Connection"
c1972 Great Boxer
c1972 Mighty One
c1972 Raid the White-tiger Regiment
c1972 Sonny Comes Home
1972 Tang Shan's 5 Brothers
...aka "5 Brothers Of Tang Shan"
c1972 The 14 Amazons
c1972 The Bloody Fight
...aka "Life And Death"
...aka "Bloody Duel Life & Death"
...aka "Shaolin Killers"
c1972 The Bold Three
c1972 The Boxers
c1972 The Chinese Dragon
...aka "Chinese Mechanic"
c1972 Tiger
c1972 Tough Duel
c1972 Triangular Duel
c1972 Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
c1972 Way Of The Dragon
...aka "Return of The Dragon"
c1972 Young Avenger
1972 Angry Guest
...aka "Kung Fu Killers"
...aka "Zehn Gelbe Fäuste Für Die Rache"
...aka "Black Swordman(Heuggaeg)"
1972 One Armed Swordswoman
1972 Queen Boxer
...aka "Avenger"
...aka "Fearless Karate Girl"
1972 Pursuit
1972 The Devil's Mirror
1972 Fists of Vengeance
...aka "Deadly Knives"
...aka "A life-and-death struggle"
1972 One Armed Boxer
...aka "Chinese Professionals"
...aka "One-Armed Boxer"
1972 The Invasion
...aka "The Bold Brothers"
1972 The Cannibals
1972 Blind Boxer
...aka "Revenge Of The Grand Master Of Martial Art"
...aka "Gwon-wang-ui bogsu"
1972 The Imperial Swordsman
1972 Man Of Iron
...aka "Warrior of Steel"
1972 Stranger in Hong Kong
1972 The Fugitive
1972 The Black Tavern
1972 Four Riders
...aka "Strike 4 Revenge"
...aka "Hellfighters of The East"
1972 Hero Of The Waterfront
...aka "The Hero of Chiu Chow"
...aka "Hero Of Waterfront"
1972 Ambush
c1972 Call To Arms
1972 Revenge Of The Iron Fist Maiden
...aka "Deadly Fists"
c1973 Angry Hero
c1973 Bandits From Shantung
1973 Breakout From Oppression
...aka "Deadly Strike"
c1973 Chinese Pink Panther
c1973 Chiu Chow Kung Fu
...aka "Supergirl kung fu Chiu Chow"
...aka "Chu Chow Kung Fu"
c1973 Enter The Dragon
...aka "Iron Hand"
c1973 Escape
1973 Flight Man
...aka "The Daredevil"
1973 Ghostly Face
...aka "Pandji Tengkorak"
...aka "Panji Tengkorak"
...aka "Pandji Teng Korak"
c1973 Infernal Street
c1973 Ironic Hero
...aka "Number One Iron Man"
...aka "Inspector Karate"
c1973 Kung Fu King
...aka "Kung-Fu King"
c1973 Magnificent Chivalry
c1973 Master With Cracked Fingers
...aka "Little Tiger From Canton"
...aka "Snake Fist Fighter"
...aka "Cub Tiger From Kwantung"
1973 Roar In The Woods
...aka "Shaolin Roar in the Woods"
...aka "Duel in the Woods"
...aka "Duel of Boxers in the Wood"
...aka "Duel of Boxers in the Woods"
c1973 Seven Soldiers Of Kung Fu
...aka "All Men Are Brothers"
...aka "7 Kung Fu Assassins"
c1973 Stormy Sun
...aka "Supermanchu"
1973 The Big Fellow
1973 The Black Belt
c1973 The Black Friday
c1973 The Boatman Fighters
...aka "Cheung Po Chi"
...aka "The Brave Man"
...aka "Cheung Po Chi, The Pirate"
c1973 The Boxer From Kwongtung
...aka "The Boxer From Kwong Tung"
...aka "Boxer from Kwangtung"
c1973 The Return of the Hero of the Waterfront
...aka "The Return of the Hero of the Water Front"
c1973 The Seven Indignant
...aka "7 Indignant"
c1973 The Two Cavaliers
c1973 The Two Tigers
c1973 The Unsubdued Furies
...aka "I Am a Chinese"
c1973 Tiger Tiger Tiger
...aka "Tiger, Tiger, Tiger"
c1973 Young Dragons
1973 The Gallantry King
...aka "Gallant Kings"
...aka "Hanambyeolgok"
...aka "Hanambyeolgog"
c1973 Street Gangs Of Hong Kong
...aka "The Delinquent"
1973 Back Street
1973 Tiger
1973 Facets of Love
1973 The Virgins
1973 Beach Of The War Gods
...aka "Blood Dragon"
1973 The Pirate
...aka "Pirates"
1973 Na Cha and the Seven Devils
...aka "Na Cha and the 7 Devils"
1973 Excelsior
1973 He Walks Like a Tiger
1973 The Bastard
c1974 Bedevilled
1974 Big Brother
c1974 Blood Revenge
c1974 Chinese Kung Fu Against Godfather
c1974 Death Trap
c1974 Desperate Crisis
c1974 Dragon Squad
...aka "4 Real Friends"
...aka "Four Real Friends"
c1974 Fists For Revenge
1974 Five Shaolin Masters
...aka "5 Masters of Death"
...aka "Les 5 Maitres De Shaolin"
c1974 Five Tough Guys
...aka "5 Tough Guys"
...aka "Kung Fu Hellcats"
c1974 Shaolin Boxer
c1974 Shaolin Kung Fu
c1974 Superior Youngster
...aka "Super Kung Fu Kid"
...aka "Hong Kong Cat"
...aka "Kurado - Hong Kong Cat"
c1974 The Guy!! The Guy!!
...aka "The Guy"
c1974 The Venturer
...aka "Wolf Fang Creek"
c1974 Tornado Of Pearl River
...aka "Tornado Of Chu Chiang"
c1974 Tournament
c1974 Whiplash!
c1974 Golden Lotus
c1974 The Skyhawk
c1974 The Savage Five
...aka "The Savage 5"
...aka "Savage 5"
1974 Badge 369
...aka "Supremo"
1974 Friends
...aka "Blood Brothers"
1974 Thirteen Year Old Boy
...aka "13 Year Old Boy"
...aka "Sipsamse Sonyeon"
...aka "A Boy At His Age Of 13"
1974 Shaolin Martial Arts
1974 Slaughter In San Francisco
...aka "Yellow-Faced Tiger"
...aka "Chuck Norris Vs. The Karate Cop"
1974 Na Cha The Great
1974 Blood Reincarnation
c1975 13 Worms
c1975 Black Dragon Vs. Yellow Tiger
c1975 Buffalo Hsiung
...aka "Assignment"
c1975 Chinese Iron Man
...aka "Iron Man"
c1975 Dragon Gate
c1975 Eight Hundred Heroes
...aka "800 Heroes"
c1975 Empress Dowager
...aka "Dowager Empress"
1975 Enter The Black Dragon
...aka "Black Dragon"
...aka "Heuglyong"
c1975 Filial Son
c1975 Flexible Judge Pao
...aka "Inflexible Judge Pao"
...aka "The Black Justice"
c1975 Imposter
c1975 Lady Boxer
c1975 Marco Polo
...aka "4 Assassins"
c1975 Monk
...aka "The Kung Fu Monks"
c1975 Silent Guest From Peiking
c1975 Snake Woman's Marriage
1975 The Boy And A Magic Box
...aka "Boy With His Magic Box"
c1975 The Dragon Killer
c1975 The Seven Coffins
...aka "7 Coffins"
c1975 Two Kids With Gut
...aka "Two Kids With Guts"
...aka "2 Kids With Gut"
...aka "2 Kids With Guts"
...aka "Bravest One"
...aka "Dragon Rider"
c1975 Unknown 022
...aka "Brave Daughters"
c1975 Yi Yun
...aka "Spring Morning Flying Cloud"
c1975 The Queen Hustler
1975 The Valiant Ones
1975 Night of the Devil's Bride
1975 The Gambling Syndicate
1975 Bruka Queen of Evil
1975 The Well of Doom
1975 Big Brother Cheng
1975 Black Magic
1975 The Bloody Escape
1975 The Spiritual Boxer
...aka "Naked Fists of Terror"
...aka "Skillful Fighter"
1975 The Golden Lion
c1975 Bruce Lee And I
...aka "Bruce Lee - His Last Days, His Last Nights"
...aka "I Love You, Bruce Lee"
...aka "La Vie Sentimentale De Bruce Lee"
...aka "Bruce Lee & I"
...aka "The Superstar"
1975 Master Of The Flying Guillotine
...aka "One-Armed Boxer II"
...aka "One-Armed Boxer Vs. The Master"
...aka "One-Armed Boxer Vs. The Flying Guillotine"
1975 The Secret Rivals
...aka "Silver Fox Rivals"
...aka "Secret Agents"
...aka "Bimilgaeg"
...aka "Zwillingsbrüder Von Bruce Lee"
...aka "Nan Quan Bei Tui"
...aka "Assassin"
c1976 18 Shaolin Disciples
c1976 7-Man Army
...aka "Seven Man Army"
...aka "7 Man Army"
c1976 Assassin
c1976 Eight Strikes Of The Wild Cat
...aka "Eight Strikes Of Wild Cat"
...aka "8 Strikes Of The Wild Cat"
c1976 Hand Of Death
...aka "Countdown In Kung Fu"
c1976 Heroine Kan Lian Chu
c1976 Knife Of The Devil’s Roaring & Soul Missing
c1976 New Fist Of Fury
c1976 One Armed Against Nine Killers
...aka "One-Armed Against Nine Killers"
...aka "One-Armed Against 9 Killers"
c1976 Seven Men Of Kung Fu
...aka "Greatest Duel Of The Red Eagle"
...aka "7 Men Of Kung Fu"
...aka "Seven Knights, Eight Banners"
...aka "7 Knights, 8 Banners"
c1976 The 18 Bronzemen
...aka "Eighteen Bronzemen"
c1976 The 18 Bronzemen Part 2
...aka "Return Of The 18 Bronzemen"
...aka "18 Bronzemen 2"
...aka "The 18 Bronzemen Part II"
c1976 The 72 Desperate Rebels
...aka "Killer Hillz"
...aka "Seventy-Two Desperate Rebels"
...aka "Seventy Two Desperate Rebels"
...aka "Die 72 Todesrebellen Der Shaolin"
c1976 The 8 Masters
...aka "18 Bronzemen 3"
...aka "Der Bronzeschwur Der Shaolin"
...aka "Shaolin die 8 Meister des Kung-Fu"
...aka "The Eight Masters"
c1976 The Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "Das Erbe Die 18 Bronzekämpfer"
c1976 The Blazing Temple
c1976 The Hot, The Cool and the Vicious
1976 The Prodigal Boxer 2
...aka "Enter The Whirlwind Boxer"
...aka "Pork Chopper"
...aka "Young Hero Of Shaolin"
c1976 The Traitorous
...aka "Shaolin Traitorous"
c1976 Tiger Of Northland
1976 The Fierce Fist
1976 The Big Family
...aka "Last Challenge of the Dragon"
1976 Spirit of the Raped
1976 Killer Clans
1976 The Dragon Missile
1976 Challenge Of The Masters
1976 The Condemned
1976 The Magic Blade
1976 Killers on Wheels
1976 New Shaolin Boxer
...aka "Demon Fists of Kung Fu"
...aka "Grandmaster of Death"
...aka "Choy Li Fat Kid"
1976 Big Bad Sis
1976 Bruce Lee The Man, The Myth
...aka "Bruce Lee True Story"
...aka "Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth"
...aka "Bruce Lee - True Story"
...aka "Bruce Lee Supercampione"
1976 The Web Of Death
c1977 Along Come The Tiger
...aka "Fists Like Lee"
...aka "Along Comes The Tiger"
...aka "Along Comes A Tiger"
...aka "Along Came A Tiger"
...aka "Along Came The Tiger"
c1977 Bionic Boy
...aka "Trionic Warrior"
1977 Black Belt Karate
...aka "Karate Sabuk Hitam"
c1977 Broken Oath
c1977 Brotherly Love
...aka "My Dear Brother"
c1977 Chivalrous Inn
c1977 Chivalry, Gunman & The Killer
...aka "Noble Ninja"
c1977 Deadly Chase for Justice
...aka "Lonely Killer"
...aka "Deadly Chase"
c1977 Eagle’s Claw
c1977 Gloomy Tower
...aka "Meteor & The Monk"
...aka "36 Shaolin Beads"
c1977 Golden Nun
c1977 Invincible Swordswoman
c1977 Killer From Above
...aka "Silver Fox Masters"
c1977 Lady Constables
c1977 Lantern Festival Adventure
c1977 Legend Of All Men Are Brothers
c1977 My Blade, My Life
c1977 Naval Commandos
c1977 Orthodox Chinese Kung Fu
c1977 Pai Yu-Ching
...aka "Pai Yu Ching"
c1977 Return of Bruce
c1977 Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Blades of Emotion"
c1977 Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue
...aka "18 Shaolin Disciples"
...aka "Killer Fists"
...aka "Wu-tang Mystagogue"
...aka "Shaolin Kung Fu Der Gelbe Tiger"
c1977 The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
...aka "Master Killer"
c1977 The Battle Wizard
c1977 The Eighteen Jade Arhats
...aka "18 Jade Pearls"
...aka "Jade Killer"
...aka "18 Deadly Arhats"
...aka "18 Jades"
...aka "18 Claws of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Claws Of Shaolin"
...aka "The Eighteen Jade Arhats"
...aka "Bruce Lee The Flying Dragon (18 Jades)"
...aka "Le Secret Mortel Des 18 Jades"
c1977 The Fight for Shaolin Tamo Mystique
...aka "Fight for Survival"
c1977 The Flash Legs
...aka "Shaolin Deadly Kicks"
...aka "Deadly Kick"
c1977 The Secret Rivals 2
c1977 Tiger & Crane Fists
...aka "Savage Killers"
c1977 To Kill A Jaguar
c1977 Triumph By 2 Kung Fu Arts
...aka "Fist For a Fist"
c1977 Two Assassins Of Darkness
...aka "Kung Fu Killers"
c1977 Duel In The Desert
...aka "Duels In The Desert"
...aka "Proud Horse In the Flying Sand"
...aka "Sturdy Horse In the Sand Flying"
...aka "Proud Horse In Flying Sand"
...aka "The Proud Horses In Flying Sand"
...aka "The Secret of Noma"
...aka "Nomabisa"
...aka "Duelo En El Deserto"
1977 Clans Of Intrigue
1977 The Shaolin Plot
1977 Cobra Girl
...aka "Fangs of the Cobra"
1977 Judgement of an Assassin
1977 Iron Fisted Monk
1977 Snuff Bottle Connection
1977 The Green Dragon Inn
...aka "Bruce Is Loose"
1977 Bandits, Prostitutes & Silver
...aka "The Damned"
...aka "Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 3"
...aka "Ho's, Thungz & Scrillaz"
1977 Pursuit Of Vengeance
c1978 Adventure Of Shaolin
...aka "Shao-Lin Hero Chang San Feng"
...aka "Chang Shang-Fon Adventures"
...aka "Five Element Kung Fu"
...aka "Five Elements Of Kung Fu"
...aka "5 Element Kung Fu"
...aka "5 Elements Of Kung Fu"
...aka "The Adventure At Shaolin"
c1978 Assault Of The Final Rival
...aka "The Chang Gang"
c1978 Challenge Of Death
c1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
c1978 Dragon Swordsman
...aka "Travelling Swordsman of Thunder"
c1978 Enter The Fat Dragon
c1978 Fearless Duo
...aka "Fearless Master Fighter"
c1978 Green Jade Statuette
...aka "Killer's Game"
...aka "Fists of Vengeance"
c1978 Kung Fu Girls
...aka "The Three & Half Dumb Kung-Fu Girls"
c1978 Legendary Strike
...aka "Fist Too Fast"
...aka "Iron Maiden"
1978 Magic Kid
...aka "Super Kid"
...aka "Wonder Child"
c1978 Magnificent
c1978 Red Phoenix
c1978 Revenge Of The Shaolin Kid
...aka "The Master of Death"
c1978 Shaolin Ex-Monk
...aka "Renegade Monk"
...aka "Notorious Ex-Monk"
c1978 Showdown At The Cotton Mill
...aka "Canton Challenge"
...aka "Old Face, Heart & Blood"
c1978 Snake In The Crane's Shadow
...aka "Adventure Of Heaven Mouse"
...aka "Force 3 From Shanghai"
...aka "The Adventure Of The Heaven Mouse"
c1978 Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow
...aka "Eagle's Shadow"
c1978 Sword
c1978 Swordsman & Enchantress
c1978 Ten Brothers Of Shaolin
...aka "Warriors of The Sacred Temple"
c1978 The 7 Grandmasters
...aka "The 7 Grand Masters"
...aka "The 7 Grand-Masters"
...aka "The Seven Grand-Masters"
...aka "The Seven Grandmasters"
...aka "7 Grand Masters"
...aka "7 Grand-Masters"
...aka "Seven Grand-Masters"
...aka "Seven Grandmasters"
...aka "7 Grandmasters"
c1978 The Cavalier
...aka "Dancing Kung Fu"
...aka "Smart Cavalier"
1978 The Desperate Killer
c1978 The Third Sword
...aka "The 3rd Sword"
c1978 Three Famous Constables
...aka "The Elimination Pursuit"
...aka "3 Famous Constables"
c1978 Three Shaolin Musketeers
...aka "3 Shaolin Musketeers"
c1978 Two Great Cavaliers
...aka "Blade of Fury"
1978 The Super Kung Fu Fighter
...aka "Cheonhamujeog"
1978 The Delivery
1978 Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin
1978 Naked Comes The Huntress
1978 Game Of Death
1978 Magnificent Bodyguards
1978 The Brave Archer Part II
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 2"
...aka "Shaolin Archer 2"
...aka "Brave Archer 2"
...aka "La Mano Violenta Del Karate"
1978 The Black Society
1978 Big Land Flying Eagles
1978 The Five Venoms
...aka "The 5 Deadly Venoms"
...aka "The 5 Venoms"
1978 Mysterious Footworks Of Kung Fu
...aka "Mysterious Foot-works of Kung Fu"
1978 Drunken Master
...aka "Drunk Monkey In The Tiger's Eye"
...aka "Drunken Fist Boxing"
...aka "Eagle Claw, Snake Fist, Cat's Paw, Part 2"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
...aka "Chivalrous Killer"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2
1978 Spiritual Kung Fu
...aka "Karate Ghostbuster"
...aka "Keum-kang Bloody Man"
...aka "Geumganghyeol-in"
1978 Crippled Avengers
...aka "Mortal Combat"
1978 Warriors Two
...aka "The Number One"
c1979 37 Plots Of Kung Fu
c1979 7 Commandments Of Kung Fu
...aka "The Seven Commandments Of Kung Fu"
...aka "7 Commandments Of Kungfu"
1979 Bamboo Trap
...aka "The Black Panther Of Shaolin"
c1979 Big Boss Of Shanghai
c1979 Choy Li Fat Kung Fu
...aka "Quick Cutting Without Knife"
c1979 Crazy Guy With Super Kung Fu
...aka "3 Donkeys"
...aka "Three Donkeys"
c1979 Demon Strike
c1979 Dragon’s Claws
c1979 Dreaming Fists With Slender Hands
...aka "Kung Fu Kids"
c1979 Eighteen Fatal Strikes
...aka "18 Deadly Strikes"
c1979 Fist Of The White Lotus
...aka "Clan of The White Lotus"
1979 Great General
c1979 Hell’s Wind Staff
...aka "Dragon & Tiger Kids"
1979 Invincible Shaolin Kung Fu
...aka "The Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu"
...aka "Butterfly 18"
...aka "Sacred Fist"
c1979 Iron Bridge Kung Fu
...aka "Mean Drunken Master"
c1979 Iron Fisted Eagle’s Claw
...aka "Iron Claw"
c1979 Knockabout
...aka "Jade Warriors"
c1979 Master Strikes
c1979 Ninja Massacre
...aka "Secret Message"
c1979 Odd Couple
...aka "Internal Conflict"
c1979 Red Dot Chivalry
...aka "Middle Kingdom's Mark-of-Blood"
...aka "Mark Of Blood"
c1979 Rolentless Broken Sword
...aka "Broken Blade"
...aka "Rolentless Broken Blade"
...aka "Lyrical Blades"
1979 Rover’s Fast Sword
...aka "Wanderer's Fast Blade"
...aka "Wanderer with Nimble Knife"
c1979 Ruthless Revenge
...aka "Invincible Kung Fu"
...aka "The Two Tricky Kids"
c1979 Shaolin Invincible Sticks
...aka "Fists of Shaolin"
c1979 Snake Deadly Act
...aka "Snake Fist, Drunken Step"
c1979 Spiritual Boxer 2
c1979 Sword Shot at the Sun
...aka "One Sword Stabs the Sun"
c1979 Ten Tigers Of Shaolin
c1979 The 36 Deadly Styles
...aka "Shadow Boxin'"
...aka "Thirty-Six Deadly Styles"
1979 The Beggar And Trollop
...aka "The Beggar And The Courtesan"
...aka "The Beggar And The Traitor"
c1979 The Drunken Monkey
...aka "Monkey Fist, Floating Snake"
...aka "Monkey Kung Fu"
c1979 The Four Invincibles
...aka "The Four Invincible"
...aka "The 4 Invincibles"
c1979 The Great Justice
c1979 The Lawman
1979 The Legend Of Lieow Tin Ting
...aka "Lin Ting Ting"
...aka "Liao Tian Ting"
c1979 The Mystery Of Chess Boxing
...aka "Ninja Checkmate"
c1979 Tiger Over The Wall
c1979 Tigress Of Shaolin
c1979 Wild Bunch Of Kung Fu
...aka "Man, Fist, Big Steamed Dumplin"
...aka "Against Rascals With Kung Fu"
1979 Blooded Treasury Fight
...aka "Dragon Devils Die"
...aka "Blood Treasury Fight"
...aka "The Stable of Flesh and Blood"
...aka "Hyeol-yugmabang"
1979 Bruce And The Iron Finger
...aka "Bruce Against Iron Hand"
...aka "Bruce Against The Iron Hand"
c1979 Full Moon Scimitar
1979 The Ghost Story
1979 The Last Judgement
1979 The Deadly Breaking Sword
...aka "Breaking Sword Of Death"
1979 Dragon Fist
1979 The Brothers
1979 Murder Plot
1979 The Story of Drunken Master
...aka "Drunken Fist Boxing"
...aka "Story of Drunken Kung Fu"
...aka "The Story Of The Drunken Master"
1979 Dance Of The Drunk Mantis
1979 Blind Fist of Bruce
1979 Hand Cuffs
...aka "The Handcuff"
1979 Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
...aka "Iron Fist Of Kwantung"
...aka "Iron Fisted Warrior"
1979 The Magnificent Ruffians
...aka "Destroyers"
...aka "Destroyers of The 5 Deadly Venoms"
1979 The Kid With The Golden Arm
1979 Last Hurrah For Chivalry
1979 To Kill A Mastermind
c1979 Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey
c1980 18 Secrets Of Kung Fu
...aka "18 Fighting Skills"
...aka "Eighteen Secrets Of Kung Fu"
...aka "Eighteen Fighting Skills"
...aka "18 Weapons Of Kung Fu"
...aka "Eighteen Weapons Of Kung Fu"
c1980 A Brotherhood Of Heroes
...aka "The Brotherhood of Hero"
...aka "Happy Hero"
c1980 A Man of Immortality
c1980 Awe Inspiring Weapon
c1980 Beggar Of No Equal
c1980 Bolo
...aka "Bolo - The Brute"
...aka "Fists Of Justice"
c1980 Bruce Tuan’s 7 Promises
c1980 Challenger
...aka "Deadly Challenger"
c1980 Cheeky Chap
1980 Dance Of Death
c1980 Encounters Of The Spooky Kind
...aka "Ghost Against Ghost"
c1980 Fists & Guts
c1980 Game Of Death 2
...aka "Tower Of Death"
c1980 Goose Boxer
c1980 Heroin Of Tribulation
...aka "Sea Dragon Goddess"
c1980 Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha
c1980 Kung Fu Of 8 Drunkards
...aka "Drunken Art's Tricks"
...aka "Kung-Fu of Eight Drunkards"
c1980 Loot
...aka "Bloody Tattoo"
c1980 Lover’s Blades
c1980 Magnificent Butcher
c1980 Majesty Cat
c1980 Mask Of Vengeance
...aka "Magic Sword"
...aka "Great Conspiracy"
c1980 Master Killers
...aka "Master Avengers"
c1980 Murder Of Murders
...aka "Flight of an Angry Dragon"
...aka "Massive"
c1980 Rendezvous With Death
c1980 Ring Of Death
c1980 Shaolin Disciple
...aka "Ghost Disaster"
c1980 Sun Moon Legend
...aka "Young Moon Legend"
c1980 Tai Chi Shadow Boxing
c1980 The Boxer From The Temple
...aka "Kung Fu Kill Or Be Killed"
1980 The Deadly Sword
...aka "Lethal Hook"
c1980 The Fighting Fool
c1980 The Jade Hairpin Alliance
c1980 The Story Of Buddha
...aka "Buddha"
c1980 Two Champions Of Shaolin
...aka "2 Champions of Death"
c1980 Two Fists Against The Law
c1980 Two On The Road
...aka "Fearless Dragons"
c1980 Two Wondrous Tigers
c1980 Unknown 065
c1980 Unknown 066
c1980 Unknown 067
c1980 Unknown 068
c1980 War Of The Zodiacs
c1980 We’re Going To Eat You!
c1980 Young Master
1980 Victim
...aka "Lightning Kung Fu"
1980 Absolute Monarch
...aka "Blood Fingers"
1980 Killer Constable
...aka "Lightning Kung Fu"
...aka "Karate Exterminator"
1980 Buddhist Fist
...aka "The Secret Of Buddhist Fist"
1980 The Buddha Assassinator
...aka "Buddhist Assassinator"
...aka "Shogun Massacre"
...aka "Buddism Fist"
...aka "Buddha Killer"
1980 The Desperados
1980 The Kid With A Tattoo
...aka "Claws of The Eagle"
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears
1980 White Haired Devil Lady
1980 By Hook or by Crook
1980 The Flag Of Iron
...aka "Spearmen of Death"
...aka "Spearman"
1980 Killer Army
...aka "The Rebel Intruders"
...aka "Guerrilla"
1980 Legend Of The Fox
1980 The Beasts
1980 Wingless Bat
...aka "Bat Without Wings"
1980 The Revenger
...aka "Shaolin Revenger"
...aka "The Levenger"
1980 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Romantic Swordsman"
c1980 Roving Swordsman
c1980 Bed Companions
...aka "Bed Companion"
c1981 Adventure For Imperial Treasure
...aka "Shaolin Book"
...aka "Disciple Of The Shaolin Master"
...aka "Run Away"
...aka "Adventure For The Imperial Treasure"
...aka "Disciple Of Shaolin Master"
...aka "Disciple Of Shaolin"
...aka "Adventure For Imperial Treasures"
1981 Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
c1981 Angel Of Fire
...aka "Fighting Duel Of Death"
...aka "Don't Take The Wrong Way"
...aka "Make A Right Decision"
c1981 Battle For The Republic Of China
1981 Black Lizard
...aka "The Black Lizard"
c1981 Bloody Parrot
c1981 Bruce Vs. Bill
1981 Chivalry Deadly Feud
c1981 Clan Feuds
...aka "Great Banner"
c1981 Dreadnaught
c1981 Duel Of The Century
c1981 Emperor & His Brother
c1981 Exciting Dragon
c1981 Flower, The Killer
c1981 Gold Hunters
c1981 Mobfix Patrol
c1981 Northern Kicks, Southern Blows
...aka "New South Hand & North Kick Blows"
...aka "Assignment To Kill"
...aka "Challenge of The Masters"
...aka "Secret Rivals 3"
c1981 Phantom Killer
c1981 Prodigal Son
...aka "Pull No Punches"
c1981 Souls Of The Sword
c1981 Sword Stained With Royal Blood
c1981 Swordsmans Adventure
c1981 The Beauty Escort
...aka "Samurai Death Bells"
1981 The Great Cheat
...aka "Ace of Cheats"
c1981 The Knight of the Dazzling Scimitar
...aka "The Swordsman"
c1981 What Price Honesty
1981 The Eagle Fist
...aka "Eagle Fists"
1981 Avengers from Hell
1981 Revenge Of The Corpse
...aka "Blood Thirsty Dead"
1981 An Old Kung Fu Master
...aka "Ol' Dirty And The Bastard"
1981 Corpse Mania
1981 The Spy In The Palace
1981 The Brave Archer Part III
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 3"
...aka "Blast of The Iron Palm"
...aka "Brave Archer 3"
1981 Big Boss
1981 House Of Traps
1981 Legendary Weapons Of Kung Fu
...aka "Legendary Weapons of China"
1981 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman
c1982 36 Super Kids
...aka "36 Superkids"
c1982 A Rescue From Hades
c1982 Abbot White 2
...aka "Deadly Finger Kung Fu"
...aka "Finger Skill"
...aka "Kung Fu Deadly Fingers"
...aka "Chivalry Vs. Chivalry"
1982 Black Eagle’s Blades
...aka "Blind Swordsman"
c1982 Bloody Mission
c1982 Blow Up
...aka "Blow Out"
c1982 Burning Of The Red Lotus Monastery
...aka "Blazing Monastery"
c1982 Carry On Pickpocket
c1982 Cat Vs. Rat
c1982 Dream Sword
1982 Flyer Of Young Prodigy
...aka "Crystal Child"
c1982 Fury in Shaolin Temple
...aka "Raiders of Shaolin Kung Fu"
c1982 Godfather Of Canton
c1982 Human Skin Lanterns
...aka "Human Lanterns"
c1982 Iron Fist Adventures
...aka "The Adventure"
...aka "Adventure Sandstorm"
c1982 Kid From Kwangtung
c1982 Mercenaries From Hong Kong
c1982 Miracle Fighters
c1982 My Rebellious Son
c1982 Ninja In The Dragon’s Den
...aka "Ninja Warriors"
c1982 Ode To Gallantry
c1982 Postman Fights Back
c1982 Seven Knights
...aka "7 Knights"
c1982 Seven Steps To Showdown
c1982 Shaolin Temple
c1982 Shaolin Vs. Tai Chi
c1982 Spirit Of The Sword
c1982 The Anger
1982 The Brave Archer And His Mate
...aka "Brave Archer 4"
...aka "Mysterious Island"
c1982 The Monk's Fight
c1982 Tiger Killer
1982 Unknown 031
...aka "David Chiang ATV"
c1982 Warlock of the Battlefield
c1982 Weird Man
c1982 Legend Of A Fighter
...aka "Secret Master"
1982 Super Ninjas
...aka "5 Element Ninjas"
1982 Gang Master
...aka "Traitor"
1982 Bruce Strikes Back
...aka "Bruce Le Fights Back"
...aka "Eye of the Dragon"
...aka "The Ninja Strikes Back"
1982 The Fake Ghost Catchers
1982 Buddha’s Palm
1982 Curse of Evil
1982 The Young Heroes of the Street
...aka "2.5 cm"
1982 Boat People
1982 Ghosts Galore
1982 The Lady Assassin
1982 Portrait In Crystal
1982 Descendant Of The Sun
c1983 1938
...aka "Big Surprise of 1938"
...aka "The Great Surprise"
c1983 Bloody Mission
c1983 Boxer’s Omen
c1983 Breaking Through The Black Whirl
...aka "The Breakthrough"
c1983 Brutal Sorcery
c1983 Demon Of The Lute
1983 Disciples Of The Shaolin Temple
...aka "Shaolin Disciple"
...aka "The Disciple Of The Shaolin Temple"
...aka "Shaolin Brothers"
c1983 Duel To The Death
c1983 Four Great Police Constables
c1983 Gun Is Law
1983 Legendary Swordsman
...aka "The Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang"
...aka "Titanium Blade"
...aka "The Denouement of Chu Liu Hsiang"
c1983 Men From The Gutter
c1983 Nine Demons
1983 Raiders Of The Shaolin Temple
...aka "Raiders of Wu-tang"
...aka "24 Shaolin Moves"
c1983 Red Spell Spells Red
c1983 Rivals Of The Silverfox
c1983 Seeding Of A Ghost
c1983 Send in the Clowns
...aka "Cabaret Tears"
c1983 Shaolin Vs. Black Magic
c1983 Shaolin Vs. Lama
c1983 Sword With The Wind-Bell
c1983 Tales Of Eunuch
c1983 The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
...aka "The Invincible Pole Fighters"
...aka "The Eight Diagram Pole Fighters"
1983 The Enchantress
1983 The Undaunted Wu-Tang
...aka "The Wu Tang"
...aka "Wu Dang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wudang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wu Dang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wu Tang"
...aka "Wudang"
c1983 Usurpers Of The Emperor’s Power
...aka "Usurpers of The Emperor's Throne"
c1983 Wild Panther
c1983 Young Taoism Fighter
1983 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
...aka "Time Warriors"
1983 The Lady Is The Boss
1983 The Trail
...aka "The Trial"
1983 Holy Flame Of The Martial World
1983 Shaolin & Wu-Tang
1983 Devil Fetus
1983 Bastard Swordsman
1983 The Shy Boy
1983 Fast Fingers
1983 Snake Fist Of A Buddhist Dragon
...aka "North Shaolin"
...aka "Saryong Temple"
...aka "Saryongsa"
1983 Little Dragon Maiden
...aka "Little Dragon Maid"
1983 Project ‘A’
...aka "Pirate Patrol"
...aka "Spartan X"
1983 Hocus Pocus
...aka "Hogus Pogus"
c1984 Bastard Swordsman 2
...aka "Return of The Bastard Swordsman"
c1984 Butcher
c1984 Crazy Shaolin Disciples
...aka "Kung Fu Master"
c1984 Fight Among The Supers
1984 Five Fighters From Shaolin
...aka "Fighters From Shaolin"
...aka "Possession of Ghost"
1984 Five Knights From Shanghai
...aka "5 Knights From Shanghai"
c1984 Law With Two Phases
c1984 Lifeline Express
c1984 Long Arm Of The Law
c1984 Long Road To Gallantry
c1984 Master Strikes Back
...aka "Hong Kong 1841"
c1984 New Tales Of The Flying Fox
c1984 Opium & The Kung Fu Master
...aka "Lightning Fist of Shaolin"
...aka "Master of The Hung Clan"
c1984 Police Pool Of Blood
...aka "Secret Service of The Imperial Court"
c1984 Raiders Of Yunkang Caves
...aka "Duel At Yang Kang Caves"
c1984 Shaolin Vs. Manchu
c1984 Supreme Swordsman
...aka "Eagle's Swordsman"
1984 Unknown 061
...aka "Zhong Ji Geudon TV"
c1984 Wheels On Meals
...aka "Million Dollar Heiress"
c1984 Wits Of The Brats
c1984 Young Hero Of Shaolin
...aka "Prodigal Boxer 4"
1984 Warriors Of The Sung Dynasty
...aka "Marshes of Shang"
...aka "Water Margin"
...aka "Marshes of Liang Shan Po"
1984 The South Shaolin Master
...aka "Red Dragons of Shaolin"
1984 The Hidden Power Of The Dragon Sabre
1984 Misfire
1984 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!
1984 Possessed II
...aka "Possessed 2"
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 01
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 02
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 03
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 04
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 05
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 06
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 07
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 08
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 09
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 10
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 11
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 12
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 13
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 14
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 15
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 16
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 17
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 18
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 19
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 20
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 21
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 22
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 23
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 24
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 25
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 26
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 27
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 28
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 33
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 34
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 35
1984 Mighty Weapon - Episode 36
1984 Holy Robe Of Shaolin Temple
...aka "Shaolin & Wu-tang 2"
...aka "Monk From Wu-tang"
c1985 Arhats In Fury
c1985 Bastard Swordsman Tv Series
1985 Chinese Evil Technique
...aka "Magic Palm Master"
c1985 Damian Lau Tv Series
c1985 Danger Has 2 Faces
c1985 Drunken Fist Tv Series
c1985 Green Jade TV
c1985 Heart Of The Dragon
...aka "First Mission"
c1985 How To Choose A Royal Bride
c1985 Journey Of The Doomed
c1985 King Of Drunken Boxing 2
c1985 Lady Killer
c1985 Mr. Vampire
1985 Murky Shadows Over The Gorges
c1985 Ninja In The Usa
...aka "USA Ninja"
c1985 Police Story
...aka "Jackie Chan's Police Force"
c1985 Tai Chi Chun
...aka "Secret of Tai Chi"
c1985 Tai Chi Tv Series
1985 The Adventure Of The Monkey
...aka "Sohn O-gong Beats Hong Hae-ah"
...aka "Son O-gong Honghae-a Dae"
c1985 The Journey of Poetic China
c1985 Thirty-Six Shaolin Staff Technique
c1985 This God Is Mine
c1985 Thunderclap
c1985 Unknown 011
c1985 Unknown 015
...aka "Angela Mao TV Series"
c1985 Unknown 016
...aka "18 - Lu Xiao Feng"
c1985 Unknown 017
...aka "Ah Liang, Ah Liang"
c1985 Unknown 025
...aka "Fist of the North Star"
c1985 Unknown 027
...aka "New Fox Spirit"
c1985 Unknown 052
...aka "Magic Blade TV"
c1985 Unknown 055
...aka "Pat Poon TV"
c1985 Unknown 058
...aka "Santa TV"
c1985 Unknown 062
c1985 Unknown 063
1985 Unknown 124
...aka "River Dragon"
c1985 Unknown 126
...aka "Super Stunt Man"
c1985 Young Vagabonds
1985 Great Shanghai 1937
...aka "1937 of Shanghai"
1985 This Man Is Dangerous
1985 Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
...aka "Disciples of The Master Killer"
1985 Hong Kong Godfather
1985 Seven Foxes
...aka "7 Foxes"
c1986 A Better Tomorrow
1986 A Book Of Heroes
c1986 Abracadabra
...aka "Loves Of The Living Dead"
...aka "Heaven Wife, Hell Wife"
c1986 Black Leopard
...aka "Brothers with Gut"
c1986 Brotherhood
c1986 Evil Cat
c1986 Legacy Of Rage
1986 Lucky 13
...aka "13 Swords"
...aka "Revengence Superlady"
c1986 Shanghai Express
...aka "Millionaire's Express"
1986 The Little Black Box
1986 The Seventh Curse
c1986 Young Hero Of Shaolin 2
1986 A Man From Holland
1986 Above The Law
...aka "Righting Wrongs"
...aka "Zhi fa xian feng"
1986 Blood Sorcery
...aka "The Curse"
1986 Armour Of God
...aka "Armor Of God"
1986 Bitter Taste of Blood
c1987 Code Of Honour
...aka "Brotherhood"
...aka "Triad Savages"
1987 Eastern Condors
1987 Eight-Diagrams Lotus Palm
...aka "8 Diagram Lotus Palm"
...aka "Mountain Master"
...aka "A Lost Skill"
...aka "Bagua Lotus Flower Palm"
c1987 Kung Fu Master Of Fat Shan
c1987 Long Arm Of The Law 2
c1987 New Mr. Vampire 2
...aka "One Eyebrow Priest"
c1987 No Retreat, No Surrender 2
...aka "Raging Thunder"
...aka "Kemarahan Petir"
c1987 People’s Hero
c1987 Promising Young Boy
...aka "Action Taekwondo"
c1987 Qiang Xia Liu Ren
1987 Romance Of Book And Sword
...aka "Story of Chan Ka Hui"
c1987 Zen Master 6
1987 Magnificent Warriors
...aka "Yes, Madam 3"
1987 The Thirty Million Dollar Rush
...aka "Thorty Million Rush"
...aka "The Thirty Million Rush"
1987 Project ‘A’ Part 2
c1988 Angel
...aka "Iron Angels"
...aka "Angels"
...aka "Midnight Angels"
1988 Black Butterfly Exterminating Evil
...aka "Black Butterfly Destroys Evil"
...aka "Black Butterfly: Exterminating Evil"
c1988 City War
1988 Devil's Curse
...aka "Devil Curse"
c1988 Dragon Family
c1988 Dragons Forever
...aka "3 Brothers"
c1988 Dragons From The Orient
c1988 Flaming Brother
1988 Her Vengeance
c1988 In The Line of Duty 3
...aka "Force of The Dragon"
1988 King Of The Children
1988 Kuet Gin Wong Shing
1988 Lin Tong
c1988 Mr. Vampire Saga 4
c1988 Set Me Free!
c1988 The Long Gun
1988 Born To Defend
...aka "Born to Defence"
1988 Across The River
...aka "Devil King Sword, The"
...aka "Cross the River"
...aka "Devilking Sword"
...aka "Deavil King Sword"
...aka "Guo jiang"
...aka "Guo jiang long"
1988 A Bloody Fight
1988 Three Against The World
1988 Blood Call
...aka "Bloodbath 23"
1988 Escape from Kingdom
c1989 Angel 2
...aka "Iron Angels 2"
...aka "Angels 2"
...aka "Mastaveni"
c1989 Blood Fight 2
...aka "Death Cage"
...aka "Mortal Combat 2: The Death Cage"
...aka "Bloodfight 2: The Death Cage"
1989 Blood Ritual
c1989 Chinese Cop Out
c1989 Emergency Police Lady
...aka "Punk Police"
c1989 Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues
c1989 Killer
1989 Loves Blood
...aka "Blood & Tears"
...aka "Blood and Tears"
...aka "Love's Blood"
...aka "Blood Of Vengeance, To Run With Tears"
...aka "Blutige Tränen Und Liebesrache"
...aka "Searing Passion"
...aka "Tai Shan En Chou"
c1989 Magic Warriors
...aka "Fenghuang Wangzi"
...aka "Prince of Phoenix"
...aka "Child of Peach 3"
...aka "Fiery Phoenix"
c1989 Princess Madam
c1989 Saga Of The Phoenix
...aka "Peacock King 2"
1989 Seven Warriors
...aka "7 Warriors"
c1989 Slaughter In Xian
1989 Angel Enforcers
1989 Killer Angels
...aka "Killing Angels"
...aka "Extreme Vengeance"
1989 Burning Ambition
...aka "Megaforce"
1989 Avenging Trio
...aka "White Lotus Trio"
1989 Close Escape
1989 Vampire Vs. Vampire
...aka "One Eye Brow Priest"
1989 Angel 3
...aka "Return of the Iron Angels"
...aka "Angel III"
...aka "Iron Angels 3"
...aka "Iron Angels III"
...aka "Midnight Angels 3"
1989 Ghost Busting
1989 The Dragon Fighter
1989 Encounters Of The Spooky Kind 2
...aka "Spooky Encounters"
...aka "Encounters Of The Spooky Kind II"
1989 Ghostly Love
c1990 5 Venoms VS Wu Tang
...aka "5 Venoms VS The Ghosts "
...aka "5 Venoms VS The Vampires "
...aka "Kung Fu Vampire Buster "
...aka "Vampire Guy "
...aka "Venoms Vampires "
...aka "5 Venoms Verses Wu Tang"
c1990 8 Face Wanderer
...aka "8 Face Knight"
c1990 8 Steps Sky Dragon
c1990 Almighty Thief
1990 Angel Terminators
c1990 Braveful Police
...aka "Pretty Women At War"
c1990 Chinese Ghost Story 2
c1990 Fire Phoenix
c1990 Forsaken Cop
c1990 Gangland Odyssey
c1990 Ghost Of The Fox
...aka "Way Of Fox"
...aka "Way Of The Fox"
c1990 God Of Gamblers
c1990 Holy Virgin Vs. The Evil Dead
c1990 In The Line of Duty 5
...aka "Middle Man"
c1990 Invincible
c1990 Killers Must Die
c1990 Legend Of Martial Alliance
...aka "10 Tigers Of Kwantung TV"
c1990 Ma Wing Ching
c1990 Magic Cop
c1990 New Shaolin Temple
c1990 Pedicab Driver
...aka "Pedalling Into Fury"
c1990 Punch To Revenge
...aka "Dragon Angel"
c1990 Sea Wolves
...aka "In The Line of Duty 7"
c1990 Shaolin King of Martial Arts
...aka "South Shaolin TV"
1990 Swordsman In The Royal Court
...aka "Assassin In The Palace"
c1990 The Three Kingdoms
...aka "3 Kingdoms"
...aka "Three Great Kingdoms"
c1990 The Twelve Fairies
...aka "12 Fairies"
...aka "12 Animals"
...aka "Twelve Animals"
c1990 Three-headed Monster
...aka "Gineng King"
c1990 Underground Express
...aka "Long Arm of The Law 4"
c1990 Unknown 007
c1990 Unknown 008
c1990 Unknown 013
...aka "Chin Siu Hiu"
c1990 Unknown 023
...aka "Court of Doom"
c1990 Unknown 026
...aka "Nation of Doom"
c1990 Unknown 033
c1990 Unknown 036
...aka "Yang Family"
c1990 Unknown 037
...aka "Wong Yuen (ATV)"
c1990 Unknown 039
...aka "36th Chamber TV"
c1990 Unknown 040
...aka "Adam and Beardy TV"
...aka "Kuet Gin Wong Shing"
c1990 Unknown 059
...aka "Shaolin Mo Jan"
c1990 Unknown 134
...aka "Tian Hu Nu Shan"
c1990 Unknown 135
...aka "Yi Jian Qi Xia"
c1990 Unknown 136
...aka "Little Tiger Team"
...aka "Young Wandering Knight"
c1990 Unknown 138
...aka "Cao Mang Ying Xiong"
1990 An Eye For An Eye
1990 Curry and Pepper
...aka "Curry & Pepper"
1990 Family Honor
1990 Born To Fight 2
...aka "Angel's Mission"
...aka "Angel Mission"
1990 The Dragon from Russia
1990 All For The Winner
...aka "Du sheng"
1990 Brave Young Girls
1990 Dragon in Jail
1990 The Big Score
1990 A Home Too Far
1990 Blood Stained Tradewind
...aka "Blood Stained Tradewinds"
1991 Affrighted Romance
c1991 All Mighty Gambler
c1991 An Eternal Combat
c1991 Angry Ranger
1991 Armour of God II - Operation Condor
...aka "Project Eagle"
c1991 Casino Raiders 2
c1991 Crystal Hunt
c1991 God Of Gamblers 2
c1991 Heroic Brothers
c1991 Island On Fire
...aka "Prisoner"
...aka "Island of Fire"
...aka "Burning Island"
...aka "When Dragons Meet"
c1991 Kid From Tibet
c1991 Lucky Dragon
c1991 Operation Scorpio
...aka "Scorpion King"
...aka "Pallete"
c1991 Plot
c1991 Red Fists
c1991 The Dignified Killers
c1991 Tiger Cage III
...aka "Tiger Cage 3"
c1991 Zodiac Killers
1991 Retreat of the Godfather
1991 The Tantana
1991 Gangs '92
1992 92 Legendary La Rose Noire
...aka "92 La Rose Noire"
c1992 Best Of Best
c1992 Bloody Revenge
...aka "Spy Blood 13"
...aka "Spy Thirteen"
...aka "Deadly Revenge"
c1992 Cheetah On Fire
c1992 City Hunter
c1992 Direct Line
...aka "The Golden Corps From China"
...aka "The Golden Corps Come From China"
c1992 Eight Diagram Cudgel
...aka "The Eight Diagram Cudgel Fighter"
...aka "Yang Wu 8 Diagram Poles"
...aka "8 Diagram Cudgel"
...aka "Yang Wu 8 Diagram Cudgel"
...aka "Yang Wu Eight Diagram Cudgel"
...aka "Yang Wu Eight Diagram Poles"
1992 Fighting Fist
...aka "Lady Cop In Fury"
...aka "Bully"
c1992 Four Dragons
...aka "Four Dragons Time"
c1992 Full Contact
c1992 Gambling Ghost Are Ready
...aka "Gambling Ghosts Are Ready"
c1992 Gun & Rose
c1992 Handsom Siblings
c1992 Hard Boiled
c1992 Martial Arts Master Wong Fei Hung
...aka "Juvenile Wong Fei Hung"
c1992 Monkey
c1992 New Dragon Gate Inn
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China 2
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China 3
c1992 Police Story 3
...aka "Supercop"
c1992 Requital
c1992 Secret Police
...aka "Dragon Angel"
c1992 Setting Sun
c1992 Swordsman 2
1992 The Big Deal
1992 The Little Shaolin Monk
...aka "Shaolin Kids"
1992 The Swordswoman in White
c1992 To Be Number 1
c1992 Die Hard To Fight
...aka "Come From China"
1992 The Moon Warriors
c1993 Angel Of Vengeance
...aka "Angle Of Vengeance"
1993 Angel's Project
1993 Bare-Footed Kid
...aka "Young Hero"
c1993 Beyond the Cop Line
...aka "Beyond the Copline"
1993 Blade Of Fury
c1993 Bloody Mary Killer
1993 Bunman – The Untold Story
1993 Burning Paradise
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 6"
1993 City on Fire
c1993 Clans Of Intrigue
c1993 Fong Sai Yuk
...aka "Legend"
...aka "Legend of Fong Sai Yuk"
c1993 Fong Sai Yuk 2
...aka "Legend of Fong Sai Yuk 2"
c1993 Heroic Trio
c1993 Hidden Hero
1993 King Swindler
...aka "King of Schemers"
c1993 Kung Fu Cult Master
...aka "Evil Cult"
c1993 Last Hero In China
...aka "Iron Rooster Vs. The Centipede"
c1993 Ninja In Ancient China
c1993 Rendezvous of Japanese Kanto
c1993 Tai Chi Master
...aka "Twin Warriors"
c1993 Taxi Hunter
c1993 The Buddhist Spell
1993 The Magic Sword
c1993 Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles
...aka "13 Cold Blooded Eagles"
1993 Unknown 125
...aka "Seven Maidens"
c1993 Whore & Policewoman
...aka "Whore and Policewoman"
c1993 Wing Chun
c1993 Shadow Cop
1993 Iron Monkey
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 5"
1993 All Men Are Brothers
...aka "Blood Of The Leopard"
...aka "All Men Are Brothers--Blood Of The Leopard"
1993 Secret Signs
1993 The Assassin
1993 The Avenging Quartet
1993 The Black Panther Warriors
...aka "Warriors: The Black Panther"
1993 The Eight Hilarious Gods
...aka "8 Hilarious Gods"
c1994 21 Red List
...aka "21 Red Treaty"
c1994 Beheaded 1000
c1994 Circus Kids
...aka "Lucky Star Dragon"
c1994 Drunken Master 2
c1994 Drunken Master 3
c1994 First Strike
...aka "Police Story 4"
c1994 Fist Of Legend
c1994 New Legend Of Shaolin
c1994 New One-Armed Swordsman 94
...aka "What Price Survival?"
c1994 Snake Fist
c1994 The South Shaolin Master Part II
c1994 Unknown 032
...aka "Flying Centipede"
1994 Bloody Brothers
1994 Bloody Beast
1994 The Crucifixion
1994 Awakening
1994 Two Shaolin Kids In Hong Kong
...aka "The Shaolin Kids in Hong Kong"
1995 Asian Connection
c1995 Bodyguards Cryptic Crystal
...aka "Bodyguards Of The Cryptic Crystal"
c1995 Countryside Hero
...aka "Inherit Vengeance"
...aka "Border Town Hero"
...aka "Country Side Hero"
c1995 High Risk
c1995 My Father Is Hero
c1995 Unknown 041
...aka "Chan Jun TV"
c1995 Unknown 137
...aka "Ah Lung"
1995 Shaolin Kung Fu Kids
...aka "The Boys of Sao Lin Temple"
1995 Thunderbolt
1995 The Armed Policewoman
1995 Train Robbers
...aka "Marauders on the Train of China"
1995 Black Dream
1995 Blade
1996 18 Shaolin Golden Boys
...aka "18 Shaolin Golden Boy"
...aka "18 Magic Kids Of Shaolin"
c1996 3 Kung Fu Kids
1996 Adam Cheng TV Series
c1996 Black Mask
c1996 Clan Of Amazons
...aka "Young Moon Legend 2"
...aka "Sun Moon Legend 2"
c1996 Dr. Wai In The Scriptures With No Words
c1996 God Of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage
...aka "Legend of The God of Gamblers"
1996 Dragon From Shaolin
...aka "Dragon in Shaolin"
1996 Another Chinese Cop
1996 Devil's Woman
1996 Bloody Friday
c1997 Challenge
c1997 Once Upon A Time In China & America
1997 Hero
...aka "Return of The Boxer From Shantung"
1998 Beast Cops
1998 Double Crossed
c1998 Game Of Death (Staycool)
...aka "Real Game of Death"
c1998 Hitman
c1998 Shanghai Affairs
c1998 Suspect
1999 Imperial Swordsman
1999 Black Wind Inn
2000 Bruce Lee in G.O.D
c2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
c2000 Gangster Inn
c2000 My Foxy Bride
c2000 TV Clips
c2000 Unknown 021
...aka "Boys From Shaolin Temple"
c2000 Unknown 038
...aka "4 Famous Constables TV - Nicky Wu"
c2000 Unknown 049
...aka "Kung Fu Hero, Sam Cheung"
c2000 Unknown 051
...aka "Louis Cha TV"
c2000 Unknown 104
...aka "Big Agreement"
2000 The Accidental Spy
c2001 Fulltime Killer
c2001 Legend Of Zu
2001 The Other Side of the Horizon
2001 Unknown 043
...aka "Fearless TV"
2001 Unknown 044
...aka "Fearless 2 TV"
2001 Extreme Challenge
...aka "C3 Fighters"
c2002 2002
2002 Lady Flower Fist
2002 Unknown 047
...aka "Hawk TV"
2003 Martial Arts - Aikido
2003 Unknown 045
...aka "Feng Zheng Chuan Qi TV"
2003 Unknown 053
...aka "Mantis TV"
2004 Banlieue 13
...aka "13th District"
...aka "District 13"
...aka "District B13"
...aka "B13 - Banlieue 13"
...aka "Barrio 13"
c2004 One Stone And Two Birds
2004 The Return of Wong Fei Hung
c2005 One Last Dance
2005 Unknown 048
...aka "Huang Fei Hung & Shisan Yi TV"
2005 Unknown 106
...aka "Baby Vampire"
2006 Kung Fu
...aka "X-Factor Shapes"
c2006 Mad Sword Whistle
c2006 Unknown 030
...aka "Clan Of Amazons"
c2006 Unknown 034
...aka "Legend of Lu Xiao Feng"
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon
2008 Ip Man
2010 True Legend
2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
2010 Bruce Lee, My Brother
...aka "Young Bruce Lee"
2011 Shaolin

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