How good is the quality of your movies?

Most of our movies are very good quality; however, some rarer titles may not be in good condition. This is because back in the 70's, when most kung fu movies were made, storage conditions in Hong Kong were very poor. Unfortunately, preserving these films was not even thought of at the time, because nobody was expecting the coming of VHS. Therefore, this is the only condition some titles are available in today, otherwise they would be extinct. For this reason, we have developed a superior quality rating system to indicate a film's condition. If there are any specific problems with a film’s picture or sound, then it will always be stated in the comments. Please visit help centre for more information about quality/comments etc.

Does a movie come with a Cover / Sleeve / Box-art?

Yes, but not with all titles. If there is a suitable cover available then it will be included within the price of each title. You can now choose between a range of covers for most titles if available.


Will your DVD movies playback on my DVD player?

We now offer DVD's in Region 0, thus increases the likelyhood of playback on any given system, now including PS2. They will also playback on PC's, providing the system requirements are set in place.

What is your returns policy?

We will happily exchange a defective item, as long as it's returned within 30 days from date of purchase. Firstly, please can you always check a film's "comments", as this always relates to the quality, and secondly, ensure that you check your item(s) on arrival, safeguarding the packaging. If they are faulty, then reseal them and write clearly on the envelope "Return to Sender". We will then exchange the item for a copy of the same title. We don't do refunds.

What if I don't like the movie?

We have given you as much information as we can, to help you make the right choice. Our rating system has been tried and tested in 2002, with a broad audience. Our figures have revealed that approximately 83% found it useful and agreed with the film's rating. Although we have given each rated movie the benefit of the doubt, everyone's opinion is different. At the end of the day, it's your choice! Once you've made your choice, it cannot be changed.

Do you accept movie trades?

Yes. If you have any titles that you think we may be interested in, please email us your list. Depending on what you have to offer, our trade will be open for negotiation.

Why can't I send a cheque?

To save administration costs, also the turn around time would be severely delayed. This is due to the following:

1) Sending the cheque (Depending on the method used).

2) Receiving it.

3) Cashing it in (different currencies involved).

3) It's also possible for cheque to bounce.

5) Then the movies being sent to you (A further 14 days maximum).

We are solely an internet based platform, and would involve time in order to accept cheques, so we feel that we are better off serving our clients, by not accepting them.

Can I link to your website, from mine?

Yes, but please email us first. Thus, if you are exchanging links, we can receive your web site banner, where one is available, also we can inform our clients of the content expected from this site. Note: there is currently no Links page available, but this could change in the future.

How does your special offer work - Buy 4, get 5th movie half price?

Every 5th movie will be added to the shopping cart at only $10, but shipping cost is still the same.

Why are your movies so expensive?

1) We offer over 1000 titles, and more information than any other site.
2) We are the only site who gives box-art with collector’s movies*.
3) We send orders overseas, without any extra shipping charges.
4) Movies are offered in PAL or NTSC at no extra cost.
5) The time and effort being continuously made in improving the web site, to help customers make the right choice of movie.

Where one suitable is available.

What? Or Who? are Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest?

Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest were the 2 biggest production companies in Hong Kong, back in the 70's. Shaw Brothers studio closed down in the mid-80's, re-opening again in the late 90's, and many of their titles have never been officially released, although this is set to change over the next few years. Golden Harvest, however, are still going strong, even to this day. They were the ones who discovered legends such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Note: Most of the Shaw Brothers catalogue has now been released on DVD, commercially, by Celestial Pictures, so we are no longer selling them.

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