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We offer the rarest kung fu films, mostly unavailable in shops and anywhere else! If you have failed to find a film elsewhere, the chances are, you will find it here! We have over 1000 titles to order with several versions, and most films come with box art! Titles are available on DVD format only (we are no longer supplying VHS). Films also come in PAL or NTSC at no extra cost!

Our movies and other products are intended for private collectors, but are also suitable for fans new to the scene, who have had previous experience of commercial films, starring legends such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and wish to delve further into the traditional kung fu movie. With our strict rating system, we have made it easy for you, by separating the classics, from the overrated.

Two years in the making, this site also serves as the ultimate resource for total information about kung fu movies. We feature an advanced database with over 1000 People, 700 AKA's, and for the first time, extensive data on over 400 Companies that produced/distributed these films. We also have galleries of over 1500 box artwork samples from around the globe.

Here at Rare Kung Fu Movies, each title we offer has further information on it's format, quality and running time so you can make the right choice!

Please feel free to browse catalogue and if you have any queries / comments, please email us. We hope you enjoy your experience at our website!

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