1967 The Midnight Murder
1970 A Ghost Story of Joseon Dynasty
...aka "Ijogoedam"
1970 Way Ching Killed The Dragon
1971 Thousand Years Old Fox
...aka "1000 Year Old Fox"
...aka "Cheonnyeonho"
c1974 Bedevilled
1974 Black Hair
...aka "Dark Hair"
c1974 Killer Snakes
1974 Blood Reincarnation
1975 The Boy And A Magic Box
...aka "Boy With His Magic Box"
1975 Night of the Devil's Bride
1975 Black Magic
c1976 Black Magic 2
...aka "Revenge of The Zombie"
1976 Spirit of the Raped
c1977 Golden Nun
c1977 Mighty Peiking Man
1977 Cobra Girl
...aka "Fangs of the Cobra"
c1979 Black Magic 3
...aka "Black Magic Terror"
...aka "Queen of Black Magic"
c1980 Encounters Of The Spooky Kind
...aka "Ghost Against Ghost"
c1980 Unknown 127
...aka "Tatean"
1980 Unknown 128
...aka "Tenkwad"
c1980 Unknown 131
...aka "Thai horror 3"
c1980 Unknown 133
...aka "Thai horror 1"
1980 Sakyamuni Buddha
...aka "Story of Buddha 2"
1980 The Beasts
1981 10 Commandments of Hell
...aka "10 Commandments From Hell"
c1981 Phantom Killer
1981 Avengers from Hell
1981 Corpse Mania
c1982 Human Skin Lanterns
...aka "Human Lanterns"
c1982 Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave
c1982 Kung Fu Zombie
c1982 Miracle Fighters
1982 Curse of Evil
c1983 Attack Of The Joyful Goddess
...aka "Attack of The God of Joy"
...aka "Assault of The Joyful Goddess"
...aka "Attack Of The Venoms"
c1983 Brutal Sorcery
c1983 Red Spell Spells Red
c1983 Seeding Of A Ghost
1983 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
...aka "Time Warriors"
1983 The Trail
...aka "The Trial"
1983 Holy Flame Of The Martial World
1983 Thousand Year Old Wolf
...aka "1000 Year Old Wolf"
...aka "1000 Year Old White Wolf"
...aka "Cheonnyeonbaekrang"
1983 Devil Fetus
1984 Possessed II
...aka "Possessed 2"
c1985 Mr. Vampire
c1985 This God Is Mine
c1985 Unknown 117
...aka "Panna 1"
c1985 Unknown 123
...aka "Prarodmaree"
c1985 Unknown 130
...aka "Thai horror 2"
c1985 Unknown 132
...aka "Thai horror 4"
c1986 Abracadabra
...aka "Loves Of The Living Dead"
...aka "Heaven Wife, Hell Wife"
c1986 Evil Cat
1986 Blood Sorcery
...aka "The Curse"
1988 Bangkit Dari Kubur
1988 King Of The Children
1988 Blood Call
...aka "Bloodbath 23"
1989 Ghost Busting
c1990 Chinese Ghost Story 2
c1990 The Twelve Fairies
...aka "12 Fairies"
...aka "12 Animals"
...aka "Twelve Animals"
c1990 Three-headed Monster
...aka "Gineng King"
c1990 Unknown 113
...aka "Croc"
1990 A Bite Of Love
1991 Affrighted Romance
c1991 Red and Black
...aka "Red & Black"
c1993 The Buddhist Spell
1994 Bloody Beast
1994 Awakening
1996 Devil's Woman
c2000 My Foxy Bride
2000 Another Heaven
c2001 Legend Of Zu
2004 Abnormal Beauty
...aka "Ab-normal Beauty"
2010 Dream Home

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