c1963 Last Women Of Shang
1964 Black Forest
c1964 Monkey
...aka "Monkey Goes West"
c1964 Sons Of Good Earth
c1966 Princess Iron Fan
c1968 Land Of Many Perfumes
1969 Diary of a Lady-Killer
1970 Turn Around at Samgakji
...aka "Dol-aganeun Samgagji"
1971 Long Road to Freedom
1971 Secret of My Millionaire Sister
1972 Stranger in Hong Kong
1974 Badge 369
...aka "Supremo"
1974 Friends
...aka "Blood Brothers"
1974 Thirteen Year Old Boy
...aka "13 Year Old Boy"
...aka "Sipsamse Sonyeon"
...aka "A Boy At His Age Of 13"
c1975 Empress Dowager
...aka "Dowager Empress"
c1975 Yi Yun
...aka "Spring Morning Flying Cloud"
c1975 The Queen Hustler
1979 The Rose That Swallowed Thorn
...aka "Gasileul samkin jangmi"
1979 The Last Judgement
c1980 A Man of Immortality
c1981 Battle For The Republic Of China
1981 The Great Cheat
...aka "Ace of Cheats"
1982 The Young Heroes of the Street
...aka "2.5 cm"
1982 Boat People
c1983 Send in the Clowns
...aka "Cabaret Tears"
c1984 Butcher
c1984 Kumphakan's Battle
...aka "Noble War"
c1984 Lifeline Express
c1985 Unknown 016
...aka "18 - Lu Xiao Feng"
c1990 Unknown 110
c1990 Unknown 115
1992 3 Days Of A Blind Girl
...aka "Retribution Sight Unseen"
1995 Black Dream
2009 City of War: The Story of John Rabe

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