c1966 Fury Of Dragon
c1967 Green Hornet
c1969 Marlowe
c1971 Lost Interview
c1972 Kung Fu
c1973 Cleopatra Jones
c1973 Enter The Dragon
...aka "Iron Hand"
1974 Black Belt Jones
1974 The Black Godfather
1974 Slaughter In San Francisco
...aka "Yellow-Faced Tiger"
...aka "Chuck Norris Vs. The Karate Cop"
1975 Black Fist
...aka "Bogard"
...aka "Homeboy"
c1975 Cleopatra Jones & The Casino Of Gold
1975 The Stranger And The Gunfighter
...aka "Blood Money"
...aka "La Dove Non Batte Il Sole"
...aka "El kárate, el Colt y el impostor"
1977 The Amsterdam Kill
c1979 Force Of One
c1979 Sun Dragon
...aka "Hard Way To Die"
c1980 Challenge Of The Tiger
...aka "Gymkata Killers"
c1980 Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death
...aka "The Dragon and the Cobra"
1980 The Big Brawl
...aka "Battle Creek Brawl"
1981 An Eye For An Eye
c1981 Dragon Force
...aka "Powerforce"
1981 Enter The Ninja
...aka "Ninja I"
c1982 Revenge Of The Ninja
...aka "Ninja II"
c1983 Cannon Ball Run 2
c1983 Last Ninja
c1983 Sakura Killers
c1984 Karate Kid
c1985 9 Deaths Of The Ninja
...aka "Nine Deaths Of The Ninja"
c1985 Last Dragon
c1985 Protector
1985 American Ninja
c1986 Benny Urquidez Fighting Techniques Vol. 2 Defence
...aka "World champion Benny "the Jet" Urquidez fighting techniques"
c1986 Big Trouble In Little China
c1986 Future Hunters
c1986 Karate Kid 2
c1986 Kung Fu 2
1986 Miami Connection
...aka "American Streetfighters"
c1986 Rage Of Honour
1987 American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
1987 Bloodsport
c1987 Kick Fighter
...aka "Fighter"
c1988 Black Eagle
c1988 China O’Brien
c1988 China O’Brien 2
c1989 Best Of The Best
c1989 Blind Fury
c1989 Bloodfist
c1989 Cyborg
c1989 Karate Kid 3
c1989 Kickboxer
c1989 Martial Law
c1989 Soldier Of Fortune
...aka "Laser Mission"
1989 American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt
1990 American Kickboxer 1
c1990 Best Of Martial Arts
c1990 Blood Hands
c1990 Breathing Fire
c1990 Death Warrant
c1990 Kickboxer 2:Road Back
c1990 Marked For Death
c1990 Street Soldiers
c1990 Tiger Claws
1990 A.W.O.L.
...aka "Lion Heart"
...aka "Lionheart"
...aka "AWOL"
...aka "A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave"
...aka "Wrong Bet"
c1991 Blood Ring
1991 By The Sword
c1991 Double Impact
c1991 Dragon Cop
...aka "Karate Cop"
c1991 Iron Heart
1991 Mission: Killfast
...aka "Mission Kilfast"
c1991 Perfect Weapon
c1991 Rage & Honour
c1991 Ring Of Fire
c1991 Showdown In Little Tokyo
1991 American Ninja 4: The Annihilation
1992 American Ninja 5
...aka "American Ninja V"
1992 American Samurai
...aka "Ninja: American Samurai"
1992 Angelfist
c1992 Best Of The Best 2
c1992 Blackbelt
c1992 Fearless Tiger
c1992 Gladiator
c1992 Karate Cop
...aka "Martial Law 2:- Undercover"
c1992 Kickboxer 3:Art Of War
c1992 Kung Fu A Legend Reborn
...aka "Kung Fu A Legend Continues"
c1992 Rapid Fire
c1992 Ring Of Fire 2
c1992 Shootfighter
c1992 Sidekicks
c1992 Under Siege
c1992 Universal Soldier
c1993 Beyond Fear
c1993 Bruce Lee The Biography (A&E Bio)
c1993 Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Master
1993 Cinema Of Vengeance
c1993 Curse Of The Dragon
c1993 Death Match
c1993 Dragon The Bruce Lee Story
c1993 Fist Of Justice
...aka "Ballistic"
c1993 Guardian Angel
...aka "Beyond Justice"
c1993 Guyver:Dark Hero
c1993 Hard Target
c1993 Irresistible Force
c1993 Little Ninja Dragon
...aka "Ninja Dragon"
...aka "Magic Kid"
c1993 Live By The Fist
c1993 Nowhere To Run
c1993 Only The Strong
c1993 Red Sun Rising
c1993 Tc 2000
1993 American Chinatown
...aka "Chinatown 2"
...aka "Cha-inata-un(China town) 2"
c1994 Best Of The Best 3
c1994 Crow
c1994 Enter The Shootfighter
c1994 Expect No Mercy
c1994 Expert
c1994 First Strike
...aka "Police Story 4"
c1994 Kickboxer 4:Agrresor
c1994 Kickboxer 5:Redemption
c1994 Lion Strike
...aka "Ring of Fire 3"
1994 Midnight Man
c1994 Next Karate Kid
c1994 Operation Golden Phoenix
c1994 Rumble In The Bronx
c1994 Street Fighter
c1994 Timecop
c1994 Top Fighter
c1995 Bloodsport 2
c1995 Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do
c1995 Crying Freeman
c1995 Death By Misadventure
c1995 Fist Of The North Star
c1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
...aka "Power Rangers: The Movie"
c1995 Mortal Kombat
c1995 Raw Target
c1995 Shootfighter 2
c1995 Sudden Death
c1995 Three Ninjas Knuckle Up
c1995 White Tiger
...aka "Tiger Storm"
c1996 Bloodsport 3
c1996 Drive
c1996 Maximum Risk
c1996 Quest
c1996 Top Fighter 2
c1997 Double Team
c1997 Mortal Kombat 2
c1997 Three Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain
c1997 Tiger Claws 2
c1998 Best Of The Best 4
c1998 Bloodsport 4
c1998 Lethal Weapon 4
c1998 Mortal Conquest
...aka "G2"
...aka "G2 Time Warrior"
c1998 Rush Hour
c1998 Shanghai Affairs
c1999 Shaolin Dolemite
c2000 Brother
c2000 Bruce Lee A Warrior's Journey
c2003 Ghost Rock
2007 Book of Swords
2009 Blood and Bone
2010 Machete
2011 Films of Fury
2012 The Girl from the Naked Eye