c1972 Raid the White-tiger Regiment
c1980 Unknown 065
c1980 Unknown 066
c1980 Unknown 067
c1980 Unknown 068
1982 Shaolin Temple
1983 Disciples Of The Shaolin Temple
...aka "Shaolin Disciple"
...aka "The Disciple Of The Shaolin Temple"
...aka "Shaolin Brothers"
c1983 Pride’s Deadly Fury
...aka "Honour of Dong Fang-Xu"
...aka "Deadly Fury"
1983 The Undaunted Wu-Tang
...aka "The Wu Tang"
...aka "Wu Dang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wudang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wu Dang"
...aka "The Undaunted Wu Tang"
...aka "Wudang"
c1984 Raiders Of Yunkang Caves
...aka "Duel At Yang Kang Caves"
c1984 Shaolin Temple 2
...aka "Kids From Shaolin"
c1984 Young Hero Of Shaolin
...aka "Prodigal Boxer 4"
1984 Warriors Of The Sung Dynasty
...aka "Marshes of Shang"
...aka "Water Margin"
...aka "Marshes of Liang Shan Po"
1984 The South Shaolin Master
...aka "Red Dragons of Shaolin"
1984 Holy Robe Of Shaolin Temple
...aka "Shaolin & Wu-tang 2"
...aka "Monk From Wu-tang"
c1985 Arhats In Fury
1985 Betrayal And Revenge
c1985 Cold Mountain Temple
...aka "Cold Mountain Temple Master"
c1985 Flight of the Heroine
c1985 Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu
1985 Murky Shadows Over The Gorges
c1985 Swordswoman in White
c1985 Tai Chi Chun
...aka "Secret of Tai Chi"
c1985 The Journey of Poetic China
c1985 The Tigers From Canton
c1985 Unknown 062
c1985 Unknown 063
1985 Great Shanghai 1937
...aka "1937 of Shanghai"
1986 Lucky 13
...aka "13 Swords"
...aka "Revengence Superlady"
c1986 Shaolin Temple 3
...aka "Martial Arts of Shaolin"
...aka "Arahan"
1986 The Little Black Box
1986 The Loner
c1986 Young Hero Of Shaolin 2
1987 Eight-Diagrams Lotus Palm
...aka "8 Diagram Lotus Palm"
...aka "Mountain Master"
...aka "A Lost Skill"
...aka "Bagua Lotus Flower Palm"
1987 Magic Beggar
1987 Romance Of Book And Sword
...aka "Story of Chan Ka Hui"
1988 Black Butterfly Exterminating Evil
...aka "Black Butterfly Destroys Evil"
...aka "Black Butterfly: Exterminating Evil"
1988 Blood Shed at the Corner of the World
1988 Magic Legs
...aka "Satyr Monks"
1988 Secret Imperial Edict
1988 Across The River
...aka "Devil King Sword, The"
...aka "Cross the River"
...aka "Devilking Sword"
...aka "Deavil King Sword"
...aka "Guo jiang"
...aka "Guo jiang long"
1988 Yellow River Fighter
...aka "4th Disciple"
1989 Loves Blood
...aka "Blood & Tears"
...aka "Blood and Tears"
...aka "Love's Blood"
...aka "Blood Of Vengeance, To Run With Tears"
...aka "Blutige Tränen Und Liebesrache"
...aka "Searing Passion"
...aka "Tai Shan En Chou"
c1990 8 Face Wanderer
...aka "8 Face Knight"
c1990 Legend of the Dragon Slayer Sword
c1990 Legend of the Dragon Slayer Sword 2
...aka "The Rising Son"
c1990 Legend of the Dragon Slayer Sword 3
...aka "The Rage of Gina"
1990 Swordsman In The Royal Court
...aka "Assassin In The Palace"
c1990 The Law and the Outlaw
c1990 The Three Kingdoms
...aka "3 Kingdoms"
...aka "Three Great Kingdoms"
c1990 Unknown 023
...aka "Court of Doom"
c1990 Unknown 026
...aka "Nation of Doom"
c1990 Unknown 033
c1990 Unknown 036
...aka "Yang Family"
c1990 Unknown 112
c1990 Unknown 134
...aka "Tian Hu Nu Shan"
c1990 Unknown 135
...aka "Yi Jian Qi Xia"
c1990 Unknown 138
...aka "Cao Mang Ying Xiong"
1991 A Blood-Stained Sword
1991 The Seven-Star Jasper Sword
...aka "7 Star Jasper Sword"
1992 The Swordswoman in White
1993 Blade Of Fury
1993 Burning Paradise
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 6"
1993 Three Nameless Warriors
...aka "3 Un-named Knight Errants"
1993 All Men Are Brothers
...aka "Blood Of The Leopard"
...aka "All Men Are Brothers--Blood Of The Leopard"
c1994 Drunken Master 3
c1994 The South Shaolin Master Part II
c1995 Unknown 137
...aka "Ah Lung"
c1996 Dr. Wai In The Scriptures With No Words
1999 Bodyguards and Assassins
...aka "Dark October"
c2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
c2000 Gangster Inn
c2000 Unknown 021
...aka "Boys From Shaolin Temple"
2001 Extreme Challenge
...aka "C3 Fighters"
2002 Hero
2004 House of Flying Daggers
c2004 One Stone And Two Birds
2004 Kung Fu Hustle
2006 The Banquet
...aka "Legend Of The Black Scorpion"
c2007 Dragon Treasure
...aka "Dragon's Treasure"
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon
2009 City of War: The Story of John Rabe
2010 Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen
...aka "Chen Zhen: The Turbulence of Jing Wu"
2010 Reign of Assassins
c2010 The Legend of Bruce Lee
2011 Shaolin

NOTE: For Hong Kong productions filmed in China, starring mainland actors, see these company filmographies:
Feng Huang Motion Picture Co
Great Wall
Sil-Metropole Org Ltd