c1970 Angry River
c1970 Blade Spears None
c1970 Fast Sword
c1970 Hurricane
c1970 Thunderbolt
1970 The Invincible Eight
...aka "The Invincible 8"
c1971 Back Alley Princess
c1971 Chase
c1971 Comet Strikes
c1971 Invincible Sword
1971 The Big Boss
...aka "Fists of Fury"
c1972 Fist Of Fury
...aka "Chinese Connection"
c1972 Hapkido
...aka "Lady Kung Fu"
c1972 Lady Whirlwind
...aka "Deep Thrust"
...aka "Deep Thrust: Hand of Death"
c1972 Sonny Comes Home
c1972 Way Of The Dragon
...aka "Return of The Dragon"
1972 One Armed Boxer
...aka "Chinese Professionals"
...aka "One-Armed Boxer"
c1973 Bandits From Shantung
c1973 Bruce Lee The Man & The Legend
c1973 Stormy Sun
...aka "Supermanchu"
c1973 Tattooed Dragon
c1973 When Taekwondo Strikes
...aka "Sting of The Dragon Masters"
c1973 Young Dragons
1973 7 Magnificent Fights
...aka "Seaman No. 7"
1973 Beach Of The War Gods
...aka "Blood Dragon"
1973 The Devil's Treasure
...aka "Night Interlopers"
c1974 Bedevilled
c1974 Dragon Tamers
c1974 Man From Hong Kong
...aka "Dragon Flies"
c1974 Manchu Boxer
c1974 Shaolin Boxer
c1974 Tournament
c1974 Whiplash!
c1974 The Skyhawk
1974 Slaughter In San Francisco
...aka "Yellow-Faced Tiger"
...aka "Chuck Norris Vs. The Karate Cop"
1974 The Association
...aka "Operation Ironman"
...aka "Heugmusa"
c1975 Himalayan
c1975 The Seven Coffins
...aka "7 Coffins"
c1976 Hand Of Death
...aka "Countdown In Kung Fu"
c1976 Killer Meteors
c1976 New Fist Of Fury
c1976 Shaolin Chamber Of Death
...aka "Shaolin Wooden Men"
c1976 Tiger Of Northland
c1977 Broken Oath
c1977 To Kill With Intrigue
1977 The Shaolin Plot
1977 Iron Fisted Monk
c1978 Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu
...aka "Karate Bomber"
c1978 Sword
1978 Naked Comes The Huntress
1978 Game Of Death
1978 Magnificent Bodyguards
1978 Spiritual Kung Fu
...aka "Karate Ghostbuster"
...aka "Keum-kang Bloody Man"
...aka "Geumganghyeol-in"
1978 Warriors Two
...aka "The Number One"
c1979 Knockabout
...aka "Jade Warriors"
1979 Last Hurrah For Chivalry
c1980 Cheeky Chap
c1980 Encounters Of The Spooky Kind
...aka "Ghost Against Ghost"
c1980 Game Of Death 2
...aka "Tower Of Death"
c1980 Magnificent Butcher
c1980 Rebelious Reign
1980 The Big Brawl
...aka "Battle Creek Brawl"
c1980 Young Master
c1981 Dreadnaught
c1981 Phantom Killer
c1981 Prodigal Son
...aka "Pull No Punches"
c1982 Miracle Fighters
c1982 Postman Fights Back
1982 The Dead and the Deadly
c1983 Bruce Lee The Legend
c1983 Cannon Ball Run 2
c1983 Duel To The Death
c1983 Winners & Sinners
c1983 Young Taoism Fighter
1983 Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain
...aka "Time Warriors"
1983 Project ‘A’
...aka "Pirate Patrol"
...aka "Spartan X"
c1984 Law With Two Phases
c1984 Wheels On Meals
...aka "Million Dollar Heiress"
1984 Taoism Drunkard
...aka "Miracle Fighter 3"
c1985 Heart Of The Dragon
...aka "First Mission"
c1985 Mr. Vampire
c1985 Police Story
...aka "Jackie Chan's Police Force"
c1985 Protector
c1985 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
1985 My Lucky Stars
1986 1000 Ways To Murder Your Wife
c1986 Shanghai Express
...aka "Millionaire's Express"
1986 Armour Of God
...aka "Armor Of God"
1987 Eastern Condors
c1987 Heroes Shed No Tears
...aka "Sunset Warrior"
c1987 Long Arm Of The Law 2
c1987 Promising Young Boy
...aka "Action Taekwondo"
1987 Project ‘A’ Part 2
c1988 China O’Brien
c1988 China O’Brien 2
c1988 Dragons Forever
...aka "3 Brothers"
c1988 Mr. Vampire Saga 4
c1988 Police Story 2
...aka "Police Force 2"
c1989 Saga Of The Phoenix
...aka "Peacock King 2"
c1990 Best Of Martial Arts
1991 Armour of God II - Operation Condor
...aka "Project Eagle"
c1991 Operation Scorpio
...aka "Scorpion King"
...aka "Pallete"
c1991 Robotrix
c1991 Story Of Ricky
...aka "God of The Knife"
...aka "Caged Fury"
c1991 Zodiac Killers
c1992 City Hunter
c1992 Naked Killer
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China 2
c1992 Once Upon A Time In China 3
c1992 Police Story 3
...aka "Supercop"
c1992 To Be Number 1
c1992 Twin Dragons
...aka "Double Dragon"
...aka "Duel of Dragons"
...aka "When Dragons Collide"
1993 Blade Of Fury
c1993 Crime Story
1993 Iron Monkey
...aka "Once Upon A Time In China 5"
c1994 Drunken Master 2
c1994 First Strike
...aka "Police Story 4"
c1994 Rumble In The Bronx
1995 Thunderbolt
1995 Blade
c1996 God Of Gamblers 3 - The Early Stage
...aka "Legend of The God of Gamblers"
c1996 Mr. Nice Guy
c1997 Who Am I?
2000 The Accidental Spy
2001 Extreme Challenge
...aka "C3 Fighters"

1971 Gallant Duo
...aka "Last Duel"
c1971 Zatoichi Meets The One-Armed Swordsman
...aka "Blind Swordsman Meets His Equal"
1973 Fate Of Lee Khan
c1981 Gold Hunters
1983 Hocus Pocus
...aka "Hogus Pogus"
c1988 Flaming Brother
1988 Three Against The World
c1990 Invincible