c1963 Last Women Of Shang
1964 Black Forest
c1964 Monkey
...aka "Monkey Goes West"
c1964 Sons Of Good Earth
c1965 Temple Of The Red Lotus
c1965 Twin Swords
1965 The Butterfly Chalice
1965 The Lotus Lamp
1965 Squadron 77
c1966 Angel With Iron Fists
c1966 Come Drink With Me
c1966 Knight Of Knights
c1966 Magnificent Trio
...aka "3 Heroes of Border Castle"
c1966 Pearl Phoenix
c1966 Princess Iron Fan
c1966 Sword & The Lute
1966 Asia-Pol
1966 The Golden Buddha
1966 Poison Rose
...aka "Poisonous Rose"
c1967 Assassin
c1967 King Cat
c1967 Rape Of The Sword
c1967 Summons To Death
c1967 Sweet Is Revenge
c1967 Thundering Sword
c1967 Trail Of The Broken Blade
1967 The Black Falcon
1967 Dragon Creek
1967 One Armed Swordsman
...aka "One-Armed Swordsman"
1967 The Cave of Silken Web
...aka "The Cave of the Silken Web"
1967 The Midnight Murder
1967 The Silent Swordsman
...aka "Scholar Swordsman"
c1968 Enchanted Chamber
c1968 Jade Raksha
c1968 Land Of Many Perfumes
c1968 Magnificent Swordsman
...aka "Vagabond Swordsman"
c1968 Silver Fox
c1968 Sword Of Swords
c1968 That Fiery Girl
c1968 The Angel Strikes Again
c1968 The Black Butterfly
1968 Golden Swallow
...aka "Girl With The Thunderbolt Kick"
...aka "Mistress of The Thunderbolt"
...aka "Shaolin Swallow"
1968 Killer Darts
1968 The Bells Of Death
1968 Death Valley
1968 The Fastest Sword
1968 Twin Blades Of Doom
1968 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
c1969 Have Sword, Will Travel
...aka "Bodyguard"
...aka "2 Martial Arts Guards"
c1969 Invincible Fist
...aka "Ruthless Iron Hand"
c1969 Killers 5
c1969 Purple Darts
c1969 Raw Courage
c1969 Swordsmates
c1969 Twelve Deadly Coins
c1969 Vengeance Is A Golden Blade
c1969 Wandering Swordsman
c1969 Winged Tiger
1969 Dragon Swamp
1969 The Flying Dagger
1969 Diary of a Lady-Killer
1969 The Golden Sword
1969 Lady Of Steel
c1969 The Golden Knight
c1970 Chinese Boxer
...aka "Hammer of God"
c1970 Jade Faced Assassin
c1970 King Eagle
c1970 Shadow Whip
c1970 Singing Killer
...aka "Little Killer"
c1970 Swordswomen Three
c1970 Taste Of Cold Steel
c1970 The Twelve Gold Medallions
c1970 Vengeance Of A Snow Girl
...aka "Vengeance of A Snow-Maid"
1970 Brothers Five
c1970 Heads For Sale
1970 Vengeance!
...aka "Kung Fu Vengeance"
1970 The Heroic Ones
...aka "Shaolin Masters"
c1970 Valley Of The Fangs
1970 The Secret of the Dirk
1970 The Iron Buddha
c1970 Mission Impossible
c1970 Six Assassins
c1971 Anonymous Heroes
c1971 Champion Of Champions
c1971 Finger Of Doom
c1971 Golden Seal
c1971 Long Chase
c1971 Oath Of Death
c1971 Red Beard
c1971 Rescue
c1971 Shadow Girl
c1971 Swift Knight
c1971 Swordsman At Large
1971 Thousand Years Old Fox
...aka "1000 Year Old Fox"
...aka "Cheonnyeonho"
c1971 The Lady Hermit
1971 The New One-Armed Swordsman
...aka "Triple Irons"
1971 Long Road to Freedom
1971 Duel Of The Iron Fists
...aka "The Duel"
...aka "Revenge of The Dragons"
1971 The Eunuch
1971 The Crimson Charm
1971 Duel Of Fists
1971 Lady With A Sword
1971 Duel For Gold
1971 The Deadly Duo
1971 The Killer
...aka "Sacred Knives of Vengeance"
1971 Black Enforcer
c1972 Boxer From Shantung
...aka "Killer From Shantung"
c1972 Casino
c1972 Champion
...aka "Karate King"
...aka "Shanghai Lil & The Sun Luck Kid"
c1972 Mighty One
c1972 The 14 Amazons
c1972 Trilogy Of Swordsmanship
c1972 Young Avenger
1972 Angry Guest
...aka "Kung Fu Killers"
...aka "Zehn Gelbe Fäuste Für Die Rache"
...aka "Black Swordman(Heuggaeg)"
1972 Seven Blows Of The Dragon
...aka "Water Margin"
1972 King Boxer
...aka "5 Fingers of Death"
1972 Pursuit
1972 The Devil's Mirror
1972 Fists of Vengeance
...aka "Deadly Knives"
...aka "A life-and-death struggle"
1972 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
1972 Delightful Forest
...aka "Happy Forest"
1972 The Imperial Swordsman
1972 Man Of Iron
...aka "Warrior of Steel"
1972 Stranger in Hong Kong
1972 The Fugitive
1972 The Black Tavern
1972 Four Riders
...aka "Strike 4 Revenge"
...aka "Hellfighters of The East"
1972 The Thunderbolt Fist
1972 Ambush
c1972 Call To Arms
c1973 Bamboo House Of Dolls
1973 Flight Man
...aka "The Daredevil"
1973 Heroes Two
...aka "Bloody Fists"
...aka "Kung Fu Invaders"
1973 Men From The Monastery
...aka "Disciples of Death"
c1973 Payment In Blood
c1973 Seven Soldiers Of Kung Fu
...aka "All Men Are Brothers"
...aka "7 Kung Fu Assassins"
1973 The Big Fellow
c1973 Street Gangs Of Hong Kong
...aka "The Delinquent"
1973 The Blood Brothers
...aka "Dynasty of Blood"
...aka "Chinese Vengeance"
1973 The Villains
1973 Imperial Tomb Raiders
...aka "Emperor's Tomb Raiders"
...aka "The Emperor's Tomb"
1973 The Virgins
1973 The Pirate
...aka "Pirates"
1973 Na Cha and the Seven Devils
...aka "Na Cha and the 7 Devils"
1973 The Master of Kung Fu
1973 The House of 72 Tenants
c1973 Village of Tigers
1974 Five Shaolin Masters
...aka "5 Masters of Death"
...aka "Les 5 Maitres De Shaolin"
c1974 Five Tough Guys
...aka "5 Tough Guys"
...aka "Kung Fu Hellcats"
c1974 Killer Snakes
c1974 Shadow Boxer
c1974 Golden Lotus
c1974 The Savage Five
...aka "The Savage 5"
...aka "Savage 5"
1974 Virgins of the Seven Seas
...aka "Virgins of the 7 Seas"
...aka "The Bod Squad"
...aka "Enter the Seven Virgins"
...aka "Enter the 7 Virgins"
1974 Friends
...aka "Blood Brothers"
1974 Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires
...aka "7 Brothers & A Sister Meet Dracula"
...aka "The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula"
1974 Shaolin Martial Arts
1974 Supermen Against The Orient
...aka "3 Supermen Against The Orient"
...aka "Crash Che Botte!"
1974 Na Cha The Great
1974 Kidnap
c1974 The Flying Guillotine
c1975 Boxer Rebellion
...aka "Bloody Avengers"
c1975 Cleopatra Jones & The Casino Of Gold
c1975 Empress Dowager
...aka "Dowager Empress"
c1975 Imposter
c1975 Marco Polo
...aka "4 Assassins"
c1975 Super Infra Man
1975 The Protectors
c1975 The Queen Hustler
1975 Night of the Devil's Bride
1975 The Stranger And The Gunfighter
...aka "Blood Money"
...aka "La Dove Non Batte Il Sole"
...aka "El kárate, el Colt y el impostor"
1975 The Gambling Syndicate
1975 The Well of Doom
1975 Disciples Of Shaolin
...aka "Invincible One"
...aka "Hung Boxing Kid"
1975 Big Brother Cheng
1975 Supermen Against The Amazons
...aka "Amazons And Supermen"
...aka "Amazons Vs. Superman"
...aka "Barbarian Revenge"
...aka "Amazons Against Superman"
1975 The Taxi Driver
1975 Black Magic
1975 The Bloody Escape
1975 The Spiritual Boxer
...aka "Naked Fists of Terror"
...aka "Skillful Fighter"
c1975 Bruce Lee And I
...aka "Bruce Lee - His Last Days, His Last Nights"
...aka "I Love You, Bruce Lee"
...aka "La Vie Sentimentale De Bruce Lee"
...aka "Bruce Lee & I"
...aka "The Superstar"
c1976 7-Man Army
...aka "Seven Man Army"
...aka "7 Man Army"
c1976 Black Magic 2
...aka "Revenge of The Zombie"
1976 Spirit of the Raped
1976 Killer Clans
1976 The Dragon Missile
1976 Challenge Of The Masters
1976 Invincible Kung Fu Brothers
...aka "The Shaolin Avengers"
1976 The Magic Blade
1976 The Snake Prince
1976 Hustler from Canton
1976 New Shaolin Boxer
...aka "Demon Fists of Kung Fu"
...aka "Grandmaster of Death"
...aka "Choy Li Fat Kid"
1976 The Web Of Death
1976 Shaolin Temple
...aka "Death Chambers"
c1977 Chinatown Kid
c1977 Deadly Angels
...aka "Bod Squad"
c1977 Mighty Peiking Man
c1977 Naval Commandos
c1977 Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Blades of Emotion"
c1977 The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin
...aka "Master Killer"
c1977 The Battle Wizard
c1977 To Kill A Jaguar
1977 Executioners From Shaolin
...aka "Executioners of Death"
...aka "Shaolin Executioner"
1977 Clans Of Intrigue
1977 Jade Tiger
1977 Magnificent Wanderers
...aka "Magnificent Kung Fu Warriors"
...aka "Heroic Event"
1977 Death Duel
1977 The Brave Archer
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords"
...aka "Shaolin Archer"
1977 Pursuit Of Vengeance
c1977 Flying Guillotine 2
1978 Godfather's Fury
c1978 Heaven & Hell
...aka "Shaolin Hellgate"
c1978 Invincible Shaolin
...aka "Unbeatable Dragon"
c1978 Proud Youth
c1978 Shaolin Challenges Ninja
...aka "Heroes of The East"
...aka "Drunk Shaolin Challenges Ninja"
...aka "Challenge of The Ninja"
c1978 Swordsman & Enchantress
c1978 The Avenging Eagle
...aka "Cold-Blooded Eagles"
1978 The Vengeful Beauty
1978 The Mad Monk Strikes Again
1978 Soul of the Sword
1978 The Brave Archer Part II
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 2"
...aka "Shaolin Archer 2"
...aka "Brave Archer 2"
...aka "La Mano Violenta Del Karate"
1978 Shaolin Hand Lock
...aka "Handlock"
...aka "Revenge of The Shaolin-Kid"
...aka "Shaolin Handlock"
1978 Shaolin Mantis
...aka "Deadly Mantis"
1978 Legend Of The Bat
...aka "Bat Island Adventure"
1978 The Five Venoms
...aka "The 5 Deadly Venoms"
...aka "The 5 Venoms"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
...aka "Chivalrous Killer"
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2
1978 Double Cross
...aka "Double-cross"
...aka "The Double Crossers"
1978 Crippled Avengers
...aka "Mortal Combat"
c1978 Life Combat
...aka "Life Gamble"
c1979 Fist Of The White Lotus
...aka "Clan of The White Lotus"
c1979 Five Super Fighters
...aka "Superfighters"
...aka "Drunken Fighter"
c1979 Kung Fu Instructor
c1979 Spiritual Boxer 2
c1979 Tigress Of Shaolin
c1979 Full Moon Scimitar
1979 Shaolin Rescuers
...aka "Avenging Warriors of Shaolin"
1979 The Last Judgement
1979 The Deadly Breaking Sword
...aka "Breaking Sword Of Death"
1979 Stroke Of Death
...aka "Monkey Kung Fu"
...aka "Drunk Fighter"
1979 Murder Plot
1979 Daredevils Of Kung Fu
...aka "Thqe Daredevils"
...aka "Shaolin Daredevils"
...aka "Magnificent Acrobats"
...aka "Venom Warriors"
1979 Shaolin Abbot
...aka "Abbot of Shaolin"
...aka "Slice of Death"
1979 The Proud Twins
1979 Dirty Ho
1979 The Magnificent Ruffians
...aka "Destroyers"
...aka "Destroyers of The 5 Deadly Venoms"
1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu
...aka "Mad Monkey"
1979 The Kid With The Golden Arm
1979 To Kill A Mastermind
1979 He Who Never Dies
c1980 Lover’s Blades
c1980 Rendezvous With Death
c1980 Ten Tigers Of Kwantung
c1980 The Boxer From The Temple
...aka "Kung Fu Kill Or Be Killed"
c1980 The Fighting Fool
c1980 The Tiger and the Widow
c1980 Three Evil Masters
...aka "Master"
c1980 Two Champions Of Shaolin
...aka "2 Champions of Death"
1980 Iron Chain Assassin
...aka "The Convict Killer"
1980 Killer Constable
...aka "Lightning Kung Fu"
...aka "Karate Exterminator"
1980 The Kid With A Tattoo
...aka "Claws of The Eagle"
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears
1980 The Flag Of Iron
...aka "Spearmen of Death"
...aka "Spearman"
1980 Return To The 36th Chamber
...aka "Return of The Master Killer"
...aka "Master Killer II"
1980 Killer Army
...aka "The Rebel Intruders"
...aka "Guerrilla"
1980 Every Man for Himself
1980 Legend Of The Fox
1980 Wingless Bat
...aka "Bat Without Wings"
1980 My Young Auntie
...aka "Elders"
...aka "Fangs of The Tigress"
1980 Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman
...aka "Romantic Swordsman"
c1980 Roving Swordsman
1981 Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
c1981 Battle For The Republic Of China
1981 Black Lizard
...aka "The Black Lizard"
c1981 Bloody Parrot
c1981 Clan Feuds
...aka "Great Banner"
c1981 Duel Of The Century
c1981 Emperor & His Brother
c1981 Mobfix Patrol
c1981 Sword Stained With Royal Blood
c1981 What Price Honesty
1981 Roar Of The Lion
...aka "Lion Vs. Lion"
1981 Revenge Of The Corpse
...aka "Blood Thirsty Dead"
1981 Masked Avengers
1981 Corpse Mania
1981 Treasure Hunters
...aka "Master of Disaster"
1981 Martial Club
...aka "Instructors of Death"
1981 The Brave Archer Part III
...aka "Kung Fu Warlords 3"
...aka "Blast of The Iron Palm"
...aka "Brave Archer 3"
1981 House Of Traps
1981 Legendary Weapons Of Kung Fu
...aka "Legendary Weapons of China"
1981 Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman
c1982 Cat Vs. Rat
c1982 Godfather Of Canton
c1982 Human Skin Lanterns
...aka "Human Lanterns"
c1982 Kid From Kwangtung
c1982 Mercenaries From Hong Kong
c1982 My Rebellious Son
c1982 Ode To Gallantry
c1982 Spirit Of The Sword
1982 The Brave Archer And His Mate
...aka "Brave Archer 4"
...aka "Mysterious Island"
c1982 Tiger Killer
c1982 Weird Man
1982 Super Ninjas
...aka "5 Element Ninjas"
1982 Gang Master
...aka "Traitor"
1982 The Fake Ghost Catchers
1982 Buddha’s Palm
1982 The Young Heroes of the Street
...aka "2.5 cm"
1982 Ghosts Galore
1982 The Lady Assassin
1982 Shaolin Prince
...aka "Wu-tang Prince"
...aka "Iron Fingers of Death"
...aka "Death Mask of The Ninja"
1982 Portrait In Crystal
1982 Descendant Of The Sun
c1983 Boxer’s Omen
c1983 Demon Of The Lute
c1983 Men From The Gutter
c1983 Seeding Of A Ghost
c1983 Tales Of Eunuch
c1983 The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter
...aka "The Invincible Pole Fighters"
...aka "The Eight Diagram Pole Fighters"
1983 The Enchantress
c1983 Usurpers Of The Emperor’s Power
...aka "Usurpers of The Emperor's Throne"
1983 The Lady Is The Boss
1983 Holy Flame Of The Martial World
1983 Bastard Swordsman
1983 Shaolin Intruders
...aka "Battle For Shaolin"
1983 Fast Fingers
1983 Little Dragon Maiden
...aka "Little Dragon Maid"
c1984 Bastard Swordsman 2
...aka "Return of The Bastard Swordsman"
c1984 Crazy Shaolin Disciples
...aka "Kung Fu Master"
c1984 Long Road To Gallantry
c1984 Master Strikes Back
...aka "Hong Kong 1841"
c1984 New Tales Of The Flying Fox
c1984 Opium & The Kung Fu Master
...aka "Lightning Fist of Shaolin"
...aka "Master of The Hung Clan"
c1984 Police Pool Of Blood
...aka "Secret Service of The Imperial Court"
c1984 Supreme Swordsman
...aka "Eagle's Swordsman"
c1984 Wits Of The Brats
1984 The Hidden Power Of The Dragon Sabre
1984 Misfire
1984 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!
c1985 Danger Has 2 Faces
c1985 How To Choose A Royal Bride
c1985 Journey Of The Doomed
c1985 Thunderclap
c1985 Young Vagabonds
1985 This Man Is Dangerous
1985 Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
...aka "Disciples of The Master Killer"
1997 Hero
...aka "Return of The Boxer From Shantung"

1998 Double Crossed